Happy Endings Season 3 Review “Fowl Play/Date”

Yes, that’s right; Happy Endings is now on twice a week. ‘Fowl Play/Date’ marks both the return of the sitcom after its brief hiatus and its move to Sundays in addition to its usual air date on Tuesdays. This means double helpings of Happy Endings every week, and it’s really great to have it back.

This week saw lots of odd pairings amongst the five friends, with Dave and Jane and Brad and Penny spending some quality time. Alex is heading to rom-com con (leading to an hilarious ‘there’s a convention for everything’ opening skit) and leaving Brad and Penny to look after Tyler the racist parrot, whom they proceed to kill with glue fumes after Penny breaks Alex’s giant childhood hand mould. Cue lots of musing about how they can cover up the apparent murder, which Alex buys unconditionally of course. That is until the autopsy report reveals that it was Tyler’s drinking, not his solvent sniffing, that ultimately killed him.

Dave and Jane, after the success they had with wooing Alex at ‘love airlines’ a couple of weeks ago, decide to make setting Max up with a new guy their mission this week. It might be slightly mean of me, but I really enjoy watching sad and lonely Max if just for the hilarious things the Happy Endings writers have him do. With leftover pizza in bed, dead fly productions and writing screenplays with the oodles of alone time he has on his hands, seeing Max single is now the norm. I was kind of hoping he would end up with a boyfriend by the end of this episode, but sadly none the three guys he meets here stick around.

Dave and Jane set their friend up with clones of themselves and, with the best will in the world, I don’t think anyone could cope with knowing another two of those people. As possibly the most eccentric members of the group, Jane and Dave 2.0 were brilliantly judged, with male Jane proving particularly amusing. Like Penny and Brad, these two are an odd pair to put together for the whole 20-minutes, but their storyline totally worked. With Alex away and their love interests having their own fun with Tyler, it was the perfect opportunity to mix things up. When did we all turn against John Mayer?

‘Fowl/Play/Date’ might not have been the strongest episode of Happy Endings we’ve ever seen, but it was an amusing enough way to re-introduce us after a couple of weeks away. Having two episodes a week can only be a good thing for existing fans of the show, but I just hope more people start watching so that these guys can stick around for another season.

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