Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Car and the Cards” – Index versus iPhone

Cancelled, but not down! Emily Owens, MD trudged on this week with a surprise Saturday episode unfortunately titled “Emily Owens and the Car and the Cards.” It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? It’s the two uses of “and,” in case you’re wondering.

As for the episode, well…I wish I could say stuff happened, but Emily competed with Cassandra over study methods that really had more to do with Will than with any actual anxiety over a big test they were all set to take. You know…the usual. Meanwhile, Will was a jerk, both by choosing Cassandra’s method over Emily’s, but more so by berating a sick, scared patient who accidentally caused a crash that could have claimed his girlfriend’s life. Apparently Will lost a girlfriend in a similar accident and over-identified with the boy, to the point of taking out his own guilt on the kid.

I think this revelation was supposed to make Will more complicated, but it fell just a teensy bit flat for me. I realize that since Will didn’t even know Emily’s birthday, I shouldn’t expect Emily to know everything about Will, but something as huge as the death of a girlfriend in a horrible car crash…I don’t know…it seems like it might have come up before then. Especially as they went through medical school.

I want to like Will because he’s ridiculously hot, but honestly I felt more anxiety over Micah treating Emily like just another one of his students. Of course, that could be because Micah is trying to keep things professional between them for a lot of very real reasons that include, but aren’t limited to, their respective positions in the hospital. Will is just a frat dude who wants to date the hottest chick, even if she has the worst personality.

It might not be fair of me to be so hard on Cassandra, but the show doesn’t really invite me to think any differently, and certainly not any better of her. We’re supposed to be in Emily’s head, and in Emily’s head, Cassandra is an evil witch. End of story.

As for the cases, well, the girl with the rod through her stomach will live and probably walk. The boyfriend who put her there got his lupus diagnosed. And a model who had cancer in her jaw left to seek alternative therapies, as not to lose her looks or her fiancee. Two out of three isn’t a bad day’s work.

Even knowing that these episodes were filmed before the show got the axe, I don’t think it’s too much to expect every episode to propel the story forward. This episode, frankly, didn’t.

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  • Erinpat1010

    I can not believe Emily Owens is being cancelled! I love this show!

  • Lisa

    Emily Owens Is a breath of fresh air…..love it….she is trying to find her identity,her career. Her love life is non existant but it is ever present…just love the show. I may be 50 yrs old but hey, Jennifer Anisten is 43…..does it mean that in 6 yrs her opinion won’t count….

  • Sally

    So hoping another network (with brains) picks up Emily Owens. This is the best show on television.