Would You Like Your Favorite ‘Fringe’ Case Made Into Art?

Walter - Fringe

If you’ve ever watched Fringe and thought to yourself “I would love to see an artistic rendering of this particular case”, you are in luck. Well, you are also weird, but whatever. In any event, the pop culture art gallery, Gallery1988 is currently conducting a poll where interested parties can vote for the episode they would like to see turned into artwork. For 30 bones, you can have one of three (or all of them) pieces of artwork covering episodes “White Tulip“, a glow in the dark version of “The Plateau“, and “Earthling“.

Whichever prints are selected will only have 100 produced for public sale. All of the proceeds from the sales of the prints will go to a charity that provides aid to wounded veterans. Those of you that don’t want Fringe to end can choose to hang up a piece to keep the memory alive. Plus, it will be fun to discuss at your fancy dinner parties to people who have never seen Fringe before. At the very least, your print is going to cause a few headaches from people trying to comprehend your explanation of an episode.