Elementary Season 1 “Dirty Laundry” Review

The return of Elementary after the holiday break was a welcome one for me, but it also held a bit of disappointment after watching the episode. I understood the idea that the writers had with a throwback to classic detective movies, but overall the way that Sherlock and Watson managed to solve the case was not that interesting.

Starting out like most case of the week shows do, Watson and Sherlock were presented with a slew of different suspects. Of course the victim’s husband is suspect number one, followed by her daughter (an ex-addict which could have been played up a little more given Sherlock’s past), and then finally to her friend and colleague.

Of course each was marked innocent, and then pulled back in for questioning, and it turns out that through the discovery of invisible ink in a hotel room, Geoffrey is the killer. Oh, and everyone involved was a Russian spy.


I had a problem with that ending, it just seemed like an after thought and that the writers scrambled to throw together a way to tie the episode together… which led to Russian spies. Eh, at least the characters are interesting enough to carry Elementary even when the case of the week isn’t.

Speaking of characters, Watson’s inevitable exodus was top of the list this week in “Dirty Laundry”, and with apparently just hours to go until her time runs out with Sherlock, Watson steps in as the lead investigator. That was a pretty cool twist for Elementary, and for the Sherlock story in general.

So here are my thoughts. Watson is not going anywhere. With 11 episodes left in its season, Elementary is not about to let half of the dynamic duo go. But how is she going to stay? Not as Sherlock’s nursemaid, but as his partner… and as someone that just happens to keep him grounded and clean from addiction.

With the impending thought that part of Sherlock’s past will shortly be coming back into the picture, I think he’s going to need Watson at his side more than ever.

What did you think of the return of Elementary?

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  • Chris1215tine

    There is no way that Lucy Liu will be leaving but I am wondering just how they will keep her around. This is a fun show, very enjoyable. Thank you for reviewing.

  • ptjackson

    Well, I must admit that the sleeper Russian spies seems to be very popular lately – NCIS: LA just did it. and, perhaps I am just overly tired, but I did dose off during this episode – not sure if that is on me or the episode.

    I do admit to being very interested in what will happen with Watson more than the case of the week this time.

  • ptjackson

    Ok, I just had an inspiration – what if the “new client” is Sherlock? Now that would be a twist!