Whitney Season 2 Review “Three’s Company”

Whitney Season 2 Episode 5 Three's Company (5)

In the first new episode of “Whitney,” cheekily-entitled “Three’s Company,” Whitney and Alex received a decidedly unexpected overnight guest in the guise of Alex’s ex, Chloe (June Diane Raphael of “New Girl”). In town for business, she actually takes Alex up on his offer to provide a place to stay if she ever came to his neck of the woods. Having put the invitation out there without considering what might happen if she actually did so, he gets more than he bargained for when her BF gets wind of it and dumps her, leaving poor Alex to clean up the mess.

Needless to say, Whitney is not thrilled about any of this, despite Alex’s attempts to put her at ease.

Alex: “You know how she is- she’s so fragile. Whenever she gets her feelings hurt, she just falls apart.”
Whitney: “Ok, she does sound fun to hang out with, but she cannot stay here…I’m not letting some desperate, broken girl come stay in your place. Last time that happened you got a wife. That’s my move.”

When he points out that it was her that encouraged him to talk to her and make peace with her after their ugly break-up, Whitney is nonplussed, literally: “I wanted you to get closure with her, not for us to be Mormons.”

Having had quite enough of all this, Whitney understandably bails: “I’m gonna go down to Mark’s. If he’s not home, I’ll just walk in front of oncoming traffic.”

Meanwhile, Mark is having issues of his own. Having been given the cold shoulder yet again by Roxanne, who played off his being infatuated with her and their potential relationship being out on hold (“I am going to the back burner…um, bathroom,” she remarked) Mark seeks advice from Whitney, who coaches him on all that is wrong with his apartment, including his penchant for not owning proper drinking glasses (he drinks out of red Solo cups, a la the type you find at keg parties) and for leaving a pile of hair bands and bobby pins on his coffee table (in case overnight female guests need them).

Ironically, later on Roxanne comes by Mark’s as well when the sexually frustrated Lily talks her into giving her an hour alone with her BF in her apartment in lieu of having anywhere else to do it. (Roxanne: “You’re asking me to leave my own apartment so you can have sex in it? You’re exactly like my ex-husband.”) In no time, she confirms exactly what Mark suspected: the two are perfect for one another. She loves the red cup vibe and is thrilled by the hair bands and bobby pins, so Whitney’s advice proves wrong as usual; though, to be fair, she wasn’t wrong about the non-committal vibe of his apartment.

Just as poor Alex is at the end of his rope, with Chloe exhibiting more mood swings than Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook,” Whitney steps in and save the day, talking Chloe down from the ledge of despair. Alex commends her on her peace-making skills, but reminds Whitney that she can be pretty demanding as well.

Alex: “You practically forced me to get a lap dance when we were in Michigan.”
Whitney: “It’s just that I have a bad back. I like to farm that stuff out.”

All’s well that ends well, as they say, as Chloe recognizes that she has a habit of dating the same guy over and over. Whitney, of course, doesn’t hesitate to throw Alex under the bus, when it comes to confirming this, but as ever, he forgives her. Especially since, this time around, she was right to call him on it- never invite an ex to stay with you, least of all without telling it to your significant other beforehand.

I thought this was only a fair episode of “Whitney” overall, though Alex’s ex was well cast. Note that she bore a clear resemblance to Whitney herself, showing that Alex has a type his own damn self, and apparently that type is brunettes with heavy issues.

What did you think? Did you like Raphael’s tour de force of crazy as Alex’s ex? Did you think Whitney handled it well? How hot did Hope Solo look in that red dress? (On second thought, you don’t have to answer that one- I already know the answer.) Let me know in the comments!