Interview: Neve Campbell Divulges What It’s Like To Film An Amish Murder

Kate Burkholder, a police officer who grew up Amish, works to solve a string of murders in her small town in the Lifetime film An Amish Murder. TV Equals was happy to learn more about the film from the film’s lead, Neve Campbell. During the conference call, Campbell talked about working with her brother in the film, the possibility of An Amish Murder television series and more.

Inspiration for Kate

Campbell said she didn’t base the Kate on anyone that inspired her. Her inspiration came directly from the book the film is based on.

“Basically, the character was based on a book Sworn to Silence, so she’d already been created very strongly. No, I did not base [the character] on anyone that I know,” she said. “I think it was really just about understanding her history and realizing that this is a person who lives with one energy in one world and the other [energy] in another. Her upbringing is very different from her life now and that was a great challenge to play. I think the idea to live in such an innocent way and such a different way and to be sort of [thrown] into our society, or what we consider normal society, was very shocking. So there’s a lot of stuff to play with [in] the character.”

What Campbell brought to the role

Even though she based Kate from her character in the book, Campbell did say she possibly added something of her own the role.

“…[W]ith every character that you take on, you create a history for it in your own way,” she said. “You pick it up off the pages the best way you can and things are added on a daily basis as you work with your fellow actors…and find what they find and see how you communicate and work together and I think just in that way, I think we found some decent energies between the two characters and that was great fun.”

Acting with her brother

An Amish Murder makes the third time Campbell and her brother Christian have starred together in a production. However, this time, they actually got to play siblings.

“It was great fun. It was the first time we’ve played brother and sister,” she said. “…I love working with Christian and he’s really talented and…it’s a real coup for us to be able to work together.”

Acting for television and film

Campbell is used to going from a television set to a film set, so working on An Amish Murder wasn’t something Campbell had to get used to. “It wasn’t extremely different. I’ve jumped between television and film and theater my entire career, so there was no surprise in any way,” she said. “…I think we had a really great cast and I got to work with my brother, which was wonderful,” she said, laughing, adding, “But, no, I don’t think there was a [vast difference] between doing a feature film and doing this.”

Could An Amish Murder become a series?

As an executive producer on the film, Campbell was asked if she was still planning on going forward with the idea of turning the film into a series.

“It is a possibility,” she said. “You know, I’m having discussions with Lifetime about it. I think this has really good potential, I think [it has an] interesting character and I think it’s an interesting concept. I’ve definitely been talking about the fact that I want to know that there’s somewhere to go with it,” she added, laughing. “That there’s enough there within this community and this concept that we can tell years’ worth of stories.”

An Amish Murder airs January 6 at 9/8c on Lifetime.