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Law & Order: SVU Season 14 Episode 9 Presumed Guilty (7)
There’s something sad about a Christmas episode that airs after Christmas. This week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU, “Presumed Guilty,” was chock full of the holiday spirit (if your holiday includes attempted murder and child molestation), but had the misfortune of airing in the new year. Now I’m usually all for extending the season, but what was stopping the network from airing this two weeks ago?

That being said, the episode was…well…pretty predictable with only a marginally interesting twist involving Finn’s ex-con ex-brother-in-law who was mistakenly arrested after coming to the priest’s aid and kept locked up far too long thanks to a truly d-bag ADA. Let’s hope we don’t see that particular ADA again…or, if we do, that he is somehow involved in next week’s promised conspiracy plot. By the way, didn’t they do that in a big way at the beginning of the year?

A priest was beat up by the brother of a girl who was molested by another priest. The first priest was covering up the crime not so much because of his vows, but because he’d already broken them and fathered a child with an adult parishioner, and the molester priest knew about it. In the end, the abuse victim shot and killed the man who had raped her and forced her to abort her baby right before Amaro could arrest him. Don’t they always?

This sort of mistaken identity plot has been done over and over on SVU. I’m really surprised when it doesn’t surprise me to find out that the accused is actually innocent. I even figured out that the little girl he was hugging when he was attacked was his secret daughter, right around the time they said she was nine and he’d left the parish ten years earlier. I’m like a bloodhound when it comes to pregnancies and secret babies; I think it’s all the romance novels I read.

By the way, SVU is doing its absolute best to perpetuate the stereotype of the pedophile priest, aren’t they? I am not saying that it doesn’t happen, but it would be nice if they found another go-to bad guy.

So…anyone taking bets on the identity of the mystery man sitting next to Olivia on the plane? Have any particularly dedicated fans already started planning their Stabler/Benson vacation fic based on that one arm shot? Send me a link!

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Happy New Year!!

  • darby

    If the mystery-man is Stabler than they used a body double for the hand shot. I was watching the Kathy Griffith show “…D-list” this morning (it showed Kathy’s guest spot on SVU). I freeze framed on Meloni’s hand, and noticed that his hand was chunkier than the one holding Benson’s hand on the plane. It could be that they didn’t want to pay Melon I for an entire episode for simply holding her hand. I hope so! I’d love to see Benson & Stabler together.

  • Cole

    I dont think its Stabler. Althogh I agree that I’d also like them to be together, I just dont think writers are going to do that. I think its the lawyer guy she was sleeping with earlier in the season.

  • I hope it is Stabler for no other reason than that SVU has been utterly horrible without him.

  • My guess is DA Barba, but I’m unsure. I just think that because Benson said she was going to the Bahamas and when Rollins said Barba was skiing in Gstaad or wherever Benson said “Gstaad, really? Okay” like she knew he was lying about where he was at and she may have known where he really was. But I honestly don’t know that is a very long shot. And I also thought maybe stabler for a half a second, but they were holding hands and if was stabler that would mean him and Kathy split up but even if that happened he wouldn’t be leaving his kids on Christmas Eve. Not to mention he left because they couldn’t negotiate a contract. I think I’m gonna watch the last few episodes and try to see if there’s any clues, it seems like there was a really long break since the last episode, I don’t even remember it.

    Also I think its Barba because from what i read he possibly is gonna be kind of a big part in the next upcoming episode.

  • Dani B.

    I imagine Chris Meloni would have no desire to come back on this show that keeps rerunning the same old tired stories just to hold Benson’s hand. I could care less who sad sack Olivia is dating this week. You’re right this was about the 50th episode in the L&O’s with a Priest as a bad guy. its getting old. The pace of this show is so slow now. It drags its way to each commercial break.

  • GEO

    The episode was not the best. But I liked to see the scenes of detectives with their families. I love this season of SVU. It’s the best of the last 5 years. Stabler not fouls. It’s good to see that Benson / Amaro are getting along. He is so affectionate with Benson. And the character of Olivia got better.

  • Heather Johnson

    I think that it is either Ada barba or David Haden because stabler would never leave his kids on Christmas Eve And she’s an svu detective she’s not going to go to the Bahamas with someone she barely knows