The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Confessions” – Let The Death Throes Begin

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve written anything about The Mob Doctor. This episode, “Confessions,” reiterates why I’m glad the death throes are in effect for this show. It’s past time. Let’s see if we can run through this very quickly:

Constantine taking over downtown: Constantine not only wants to take over downtown Chicago, he wants to kick Russell out of the city or overtake him, since he’s so adamant about staying in Chicago instead of going back to Detroit. Constantine gets Celeste and the other mobster to agree to a deal that is not very good for either of them; the deal would end up giving Constantine all of the power and (potentially) the money.

One other thing–Constantine is beginning to keep a closer watch on Grace, since he questions her about the Christmas Eve scene between she and Franco. But I think he should have checked her for real when she met with him. If Constantine’s as good of a mobster as he’s made out to be, he should be able to see through her lies.

Franco and Grace: Their relationship is whatever. I know that sentence doesn’t make any sense, but the relationship is just there, I feel. We all knew it was going to happen, and clichéd lines like
“It’s you and me versus the world, babe, and I’m betting on us” are just ridiculous.

Franco’s “work” with Russell is also ridiculous. What exactly is he doing? Where are stakes with his job? Or with anything happening in this show? Anyway, Franco and Grace’s lives together are interrupted by Russell calling Franco, saying that in order to stay in Chicago and do business with Constantine, he has to give Franco up. Since Russell can’t protect Franco anymore, he’s got to leave. Franco promises to return (and we’re sure he will, since the show’s not done yet).

Nate, Sam and Gio: Constantine sends Nate, Gio (which I misspelled as “Geo” before–my mistake) and some other lower errand-runner to get something from some guy along with paying the guy $5,000 for his troubles. Suddenly, the guy they were going to find is shot and a kid comes running out. Nate and Gio stop the boy, but when the kid gets knocked out, he doesn’t recover, so Nate brings Grace in.

Once at the stronghold, Grace says the kid–named Sam–has asthma and the stress of being surrounded by mobsters is causing his condition to flair up. Of course, before the episode is out, Sam has to have another flare-up (thanks to the other errand-runner) and Grace has to give him an epi pen shot, but before all of that drama, we learn that Sam is a gentle soul–an artist who misses his mother a lot.

Grace orders Nate to tell Constantine (with Gio getting tired of “hearing [her] little mouth” as if “[she’s] the boss”). Nate does what his big sister tells him and the news makes Constantine angry. He tells Nate to pay the kid off with the $5,000 so he won’t talk. This ends up happening, especially after Nate kills the other errand-runner in the group–turns out that guy killed the guy they were supposed to meet. He also stole the money.

I don’t know why Grace is acting like Nate isn’t in the mob when she asks what’s going on with him. He just shot a man in the mob because you were in trouble, Grace! What can’t you understand about this situation! Your brother is in the mob! He’s a criminal! I’m surprised he hasn’t killed someone until now! Whatever.

To go back to Gio for a second–didn’t he die in “Turf War?” That’s what I saw in that episode. Also, when Grace yells to the then-not-dead errand-runner to give her some water, that would have been a great setup for Grace to have some sort of rabies complications. But, like a lot of scripts of this show has done, this script drops the ball. So, since I brought up rabies…

The priest with rabies: A priest enters the hospital with a bizarre facial infection. He says he was bitten by a woman he was performing an exorcism. Unfortunately, Brett has a very low opinion of the priest’s work. He thinks the priest is infected with a disease, not a demon. Dr. White tries to get him to keep an open mind.

It would seem the priest is right that he’s infected with a demon when his leg gives out, he starts shouting out craziness after getting cerebrospinal fluid taken out, and when another priest comes in to exorcise him, he starts yelling when Holy Water is thrown on him.

As it turns out, Brett is right. They find out the woman the priest was exorcising died after having a seizure. I’m not sure how the conveniently got pictures, since it appears the woman wasn’t treated at the same hospital, but the woman had a bite. That bite led her to contract rabies. The priest, having waited too long, is too far gone for the standard shot treatment, so he decides to take on an experimental treatment, which involves him being put under an induced coma.

So that’s pretty much it. Like I said, where exactly are the stakes for any of these plotlines? They are always resolved at the end of the episode so it just feels like stuff happening. The show is just plodding along. I’d say this show has the Pan Am Disease–the show plods along until it realizes it needs to come together in order to keep viewers. However, by the time storylines and character development starts to congeal, it’s too late.

Even still, let’s agree to meet back Monday to see what Grace and Nate will be up against.