ABC Pulls ‘666 Park Avenue’ From Its 2013 TV Schedule

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Late last week, ABC pulled the rug out from under fans of the short-lived supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue by deciding not to return the few remaining episodes of the series to the primetime landscape after the holidays.

The series, which was cancelled in mid-November, as we reported here, was to broadcast the remainder of its 13-episode order in early 2013; but instead ABC has announced that original episodes of their comedies ‘Happy Endings’ and ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23’ will air in the Sunday at 10 PM and 10:30 PM timeslots starting on January 6.

Both comedies will, of course, continue to air on Tuesday nights in the 9 PM hour until March when they will be interrupted by the next cycle of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

As of right now, there is a possibility that the remaining episodes of ‘666 Park Avenue’ will be back on ABC this summer. [Source: TV Line]

  • Lissie

    Why?!? Finally a good show! ABC is the worst. Soooo disappointed!

  • Genie Hooks

    I am so very disappointed as well. Finally, this was an albeit dark but hugely fascinating show. I hate when there is finally a show I really like and get hooked on, then its canceled! Please bring it back ABC!!!!

  • Steponme59

    Love this show! So disappointed!! These replacement shows are crap! I have never watched them nor will I ever!

  • melody


  • ptjackson

    I can’t believe they won’t at least show us the remaining episodes. Sigh.

  • Bluetoo

    OMGosh. One show my husband and I actually watch together. disappointed 🙁


    Unbelievable….All the publcity and marketing, to reel the fans in,. Then rip it right out from you.. What a frustrating feeling of non closure and betrayal to the fans you sucked in.. Must be about $$$$. Thats all you understand

  • Suzieq

    Loved this show!!!! ABC does this ALL the time!!!! 🙁 at least show the remaining episodes……

  • What the hell? I’m livid!! The show was good, I know there had to be enough ratings. I don’t care what time or what day, just put the show back on or at least air the remaining episodes.

  • melissak

    Such crap I am getting tired of losing good shows!

    • Lena

      Yet they keep all of those cringeworthy reality shows and talent contests. Some of us like to think and be engaged with good stories. This is why I watch HBO, FX, and AMC.

  • thekid

    Damn another show I get vested in and then it ges cancelled! Can’t they just let it play out for a whole year. Good show, hope they at least show the remaining episodes next summer.

  • Angry in Pa.

    I am very upset by ABC’s decision to cancel this show. It was great! What is wrong with you people. I’m tired of getting invested in your shows and then having them yanked. I’m going to stop watching major network shows. You people are awful decision makers.

  • jason

    that show sucked balls.

  • Pitre

    I was looking forward to January, now nothing. I really liked the show. ABC Executive’s you suck!

  • Rhonda

    My husband and I looked forward to sunday evenings to watch 666 ! Why was it cancelled ?

  • jdparso54

    I have a great idea.. Let’s make the lst 20 years best show ever. Get fans hooked and then take an cancel the show and then make the fans buy the season dvd so this way we make more money the fans will never know. F…U. ABC

  • Rene Booth

    I am done watching abc, evertime I get into to a show they just cancel it , I really liked 666 park avenue and it sucks that they left it hanging like that.

  • Hilly

    Oh my god! Wat the heck why do they hav to cancel the my favorite shows! Abc sucks!

  • Will

    Good going ABC you just effed up Sunday evening WTG …

  • Sophia

    Loved this show! ABC, this just sucks.

  • Jenn42267

    They could at least air the final episodes for closure for fans of the show….even online would be good!

  • Tracyo

    My daughter and I love 666, we looked forward every Sunday to watched 666 together. I don’t unstand why you cancelled this show. I think you made another mistake. If can please bring it back.

  • 666 Park Ave Fan

    Figures, once they FINALLY get a good, interesting show they cancel it, and for what? a stupid show like dont trust the bitch in apt 23,,,,seriously?

    Gavin was a great character and how will I ever know if Jane dumps Henry for the Detective or not… Damn Frustrating!

    • caroline lawrence

      jane is not dumping henry they care to much for each other, and if you would have listened to the Halloween episode the detective is married. and how are we suppost to know if henry finally preposes and how are we suppost to know if she says yes.

  • you know

    who cares. stop watching so much television, get a life.

    • person

      you don’t apparently care about people who are so busy and when the finally get a day off (sunday) they cant even watch the show that they like.

  • sadtv

    one of my favorite shows yet again removed! very upset! everytime i like a show it is pulled. only thing left is crappy comedys with inappropriate topics!

  • Susan

    I am soooooo upset about this decision ! That is NOT fair to the people how have been faithful to watching this show . WRONG !!!

  • big B

    unbelievable,once again network t.v.drops the ball..maybe a.m.c. or some other cable station will pick it up and show why they are way ahead of the big 3 when it comes to quality programming!!!!

  • Jannie

    Why do they keep pulling good shows! I’m soooo tired of standard tv….it’s awful!

  • Maggie

    I’m sick to death of reality tv. Here was a great show that I looked forward to watching each week, and what do you do, pull it! This is totally STUPID on your part, ABC. Why don’t you people re-think your poor decision?

  • Annie

    Great show. At least air the final episodes!

  • Bobby

    This sucks! I really enjoyed the show. Please bring it back. Those silly shows do not hold my interest.

  • gannelle

    ABC SUCKS. So over this network canceling shows I actually like. I’m done.

  • M

    So mad that this show was cancelled. I hope that they show the remaining episodes

  • Speed

    Bad call ABC.

  • I really hate that they don’t give shows time to get legs. Some of the most successful shows did really bad their first season or so, but the networks would stick with them and give them a chance to get a following. Yet again I get sucked into a good show to have it cancelled. They did this with Flash Forward too. I am no longer going to sucked into a regular network TV show. I am moving to cable. WTG ABC another bad networking decision.

    • Lisa L.

      I totally agree Caren. ABC is notorious for picking up quirky shows then dumping them before they can gain footing or in some cases after they’ve become a hit.. Remember Twin Peaks? I shudder to think If X-Files had aired on this network. It didn’t start to gain popularity until the end of the second season.

    • Lena

      I loved Flash Forward made you think!

  • Alikat

    I’m very disappointed. This was a great interesting show. I am so sick of the stupid reality shows- everyone must know that those shows are all fixed! There’s nothing good to watch on tv anymore. I’m also sick of all the crime shows like csi. Please bring back 666 park ave!

  • Angry in LA

    This is the second time that I’ve gotten invested in an ABC show and had it cancelled! If the network is going based on ratings, they probably suck because people are hesitant to get involved with a new series for fear it will be cancelled. So frustrating, and I loved it!

  • bond

    I am blocking ABC on my tv. What a joke!

  • Beau

    Ditto for me! Can’t believe ABC,very disappointing! This was a great show! I want to know who “decides” what is good and what is not????!!! Gonna STOP watching ABC all together…

  • J

    What crap!! This was such a well-acted, constructed show and now you’re going to punish your fans and show them ridiculous bull instead? F you ABC! Show some loyalty!

  • Morlie

    Why??!! Not enough disgusting sex?? Who makes these decisions and why? ABC does this all the time! Why doesnt it go by what WE like?

  • Mrs. Dalloway

    Disappointing. That was the only network show I watched. At least there’s cable. And reading!

  • olga

    Unbelievable! Such a great show. They must put it back on the schedule!!!

  • Jay in Victoria

    I’m really disappointed in this decision. So, will there be more silly reality shows to replace the good cancelled shows! So tired of nothing good on TV now. We started watching Lost again on DVD. At least I know this show lasted longer than 9 episodes. Give 666 another life and see how things go. You might be surprised.

  • Bo jangles

    This sucks why do all the good thriller shows get pulled just like animal practice to stop pulling good shows show us the episode or at least put it out in to a season people can buy I want to know what happens its like starting a book and not finish it

  • Nini

    ABC — what were you thinking? 666 Park Avenue had intrigue, suspense and creativity and you pull it from the line up. You don’t even have the courtesy to show us the final episodes from the first season let alone give the show a chance at season 2! Time to bail on ABC….

  • Networks are crap

    This is crap! They can’t even play the series for a full season before they decide it doesn’t make them enough money! At least show the rest of it and not duplicate shows you already have on!

  • Cheerios

    This was a great show that I looked forward to every week. ABC is just plain stupid!

  • jp

    You suck ABC! Thought is was cool they were going to give an ending for this show! very disappointed:(

  • Fedupw/abc

    I swear I am so sick of ABC I will not bother watching another of their shows! 666 Park Avenie was intriguing, inventive and well-acted! Hopefully AMC or similar will pick it up!

  • Kim

    That’s disappointing. They should at least finish the series and let us know what happens.

  • Kim

    And ps.. The other shows taking its place SUCK

  • Mary mosely

    Who is with me? I vote we boycott ABC until the show returns!

  • Harmony0770

    Typical ABC!

  • VBello

    So ABC is becoming more like NBC….just as a show starts getting good they pull it for some crap! I guess it’s back to cable shows….

  • ABC cancels a show you actually have to think about without showing the last of the episodes…to put in it’s place some stupid drivel that no one with a brain would ever even watch….it looks like ABC just keeps making mistakes…half hour comedies do not hold viewers folks…dramas with characters hold dedicated viewers…I would rather watch paint dry than watch what they think is funny…with very FEW exceptions the “major” networks are off my radar anyway…just another reason to drop the Comcast cable TV and switch to online TV and watch only what I want, without the commercials!

  • Carol in NJ

    It seems a lot of people liked this show. I thought it was a good too and figured with Once Upon a Time and Revenge as lead ins it would do great. I agree with the annoying “reality” shows comment. I am tired of the violent shows as well. I also agree with the poster that liked Flash Forward that was canceled. I think if that one hadn’t been on in the same year as Lost it would have done well.

  • I HATE ABC!!!!!!! This is the 4th show now that I have become interested in and had pulled!!!!! I do not watch TV as it is but, when I find a show I actually enjoy, ABC and 1 other network yanks them! I guess I will go back to reading and no more TV watching…….ABC YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • A vermel

    This is a GREAT! show. Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angry too

    ABC does this all the time. I really hate watching their series.

  • pissed in georgetown, ky.

    this is rediculous people..this show was the best…does ABC not know what good is…???

  • Chris

    ABC always does this-I have invested time in shows before (the Gates anyone?) only to have them yank the shows off if they didn’t get instant reaction. They should keep this show on still!!

    • caroline

      my bff was in the gates and was offered a movie deal and they cancelled it because the gates didn’t get enough veiwings

  • angry husker

    How upsetting. I enjoyed this show very much…disgusted

  • Sara H

    You suck abc! Really loved the show!

  • nikki and rob

    what a disappointment. I am no longer an ABC viewer. after removing this and the gates, i’m done. peace out ABC, on to NBC

    • caroline

      im with you nikki!!

  • angry nana

    Well this does it for me ABC…..I’m done with your crappy way of dealing with your program’s. you finally put out a great show like 666 park ave and then just jerk us around by taking it away. how do you expect to keep abc alive by doing crap like this? If others feel like I do then your done, I’m going to start watching CBS, NBC, and other networks. What good does it do to get evolved when we know now your just going to replace our program’s? You took off All My Children, it was on for over 30 years, didn’t that tell you something? The Chew has not been watched one time by me and several of my friends. we didn’t need another cooking/ talkshow, we have food network for that. what we needed was our soap we watched faithfully for 30 plus years!!!!! So goodbye ABC, I’m now moving on to better networks……see ya…..NO I WON’T!!!

  • a cole Joy

    The same was done with Alcatraz, why do they pay those idiots the money for the bad decisions.

  • disappointed in S.D.

    I haven’t found any decent shows to watch on prime time in years. They have too many reality shows. I started watching 666 Park Avenue and found it interesting. I guess they don’t like putting decent programs on. I’ll have to stick with NCIS on CBS.

  • Amy

    OMG, really PLEASE bring the show back…There r way too many comedy show’s on now. That r stupid and make no damn sence!!!!!

  • Mad in Fl

    ABC I have 2 words for you…. YOU SUCK! that was a great show.

  • K-MAC6

    I can’t believe it! This was such an amazing show! I’m getting sick of ABC canceling all the good shows. First they canceled “Pan Am” mid season and now “666 Park Ave”. I don’t understand. It is such an interesting and suspenseful show. This is so ridiculous!

  • Twinkles

    Are you serious??!! 666 Park Avenue is no longer on. I was looking foward to watch th episodes I missed now that I am off from college. I unwind watching this show curled up with my boyfriend and my favorite snack! They did not even have the common resect to notify viewers. ABC YOU STILL HAVE A JOB TOMORROW BECAUSE OF YOUR VIEWERS. No one cares about the “Who lives in Apt B…or the B in Apt…” Who cares…No answer. Because no one does!!!

    RETURN 666 PARK AVENUE. or Another tv channel should pick it up since ABC could care less!

    • JWill

      Thank you.I said the same thing.I’m tired of them getting rid of the good shows. I was really into 666 Park Avenue looking forward to see what was going to happen and ABC doesn’t even let us know that they’re not even going to air the final 4 episodes? that’s the least they could do, I mean damn. this pissed me off for real. WTH is wrong with them? smdh

  • Amy

    ABC you are insane for cancelling this awesome show!!!! It’s unique, exciting, and something to look forward to every single week. You obviously have no idea what you are doing. Bring back 666 Park Avenue!!!

  • P O’d vegan

    Wow am I pissed! First they cancel a very good show, while promising to show the remaining episodes and then they turn that promise into a lie. F.U. ABC!!!!

  • gj

    abc you suck

  • jed47

    This was the bstshow they had.

  • Debbie

    What’s wrong with ABC- Don’t they know that this show has a fan base. We want this show back on – It is a great show with lots of twists and keeps us on the edge of what will come next. Too bad you don’t listen to your viewers on what WE WANT- Not what you seem to think we want – WRONG AGAIN

  • Caroline Lawrence

    I don’t care what any body says about the shoe being cancelled. I suggest not watching ABC because their just going to take off your favorite show, I loved “666 park avenue, Missing, The river, GCB, and a lot of others, and its not fair to the people who love those shows to not be able to watch them, don’t you agree. Look I don’t care what other people think they should atleast still show them on iTunes or something like that. I may be 10 but I care about my shows. im not like other kids I hate Disney, nickoloden, but now I hate ABC for taking my favorite shows. its not fair to the people who LOVE the shows to not have them. but that’s my opinion.

  • Caroline Lawrence

    me my mom and my brother would all lay in the be while my dads asleep and watch it now gone I hate ABC.

  • very angry in NY

    This is crap! Primetime has very few shows that are any good, and when they finally get it right, they pull it off the air……WHO IS THE BRAIN THAT CAME UP WITH THAT BRIGHT IDEA???????

  • mad as 666

    i would much rather watch this than stars dancing the same shit over and over just diff stars and these bachelor an bachelorette shows i mean enough is enough with those show we want new and exciting things like 666

  • Bring back 666!

    What??? I can’t believe they pulled this show! ABC again and again you disappoint me. You pull the good shows to put crap on it its place. This stinks!

  • frustrated

    abc, stands for already been canceled. this is why I hate investing any time on this network. if it’s good or interesting, it’s canceled.

    • JWill

      LMFAAOOOO Already been canceled…lol that’s a good one.

  • the same thing happened to pan am stupid shows replace it like the bachelor!!!! no wonder we dont watch abc

  • fran w

    This was one of the most interesting current shows, and I am really irritated that it has been cancelled. I have no intention of watching the silly comedies that are being put on in its place.

  • Donalli

    So mad, I really enjoyed this show. Please bring it back. This is one my husband even liked.

  • upset in Staunton, Il.

    grrrr I am so upset they took off 666 , why do you guys always take off the good shows and leave on the dumb ones…My husband and I looked forward to 666 it was so suspensful and exciting… to watch… pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee put it back …it made dull sundays a bit more exciting.. and you left us just hanging..I hate that…what if you were reading a book or watching the movie and as it gets to good parts it was cute off fro,m you …:(

  • crowley in poconos n.e.Pa.

    our whole fam. wpould sit to watch this…shame

  • Very Disappointed

    Wow! Very disappointing! I love this show!!

  • deb stanwell

    just as usuall abc cancels a good tv show, I will no longer commit to a abc tv program, the cancelling of 666 park avenue is the final straw

  • caseyJ

    BRING IT BACK!!! Hate your replacement shows!! You don’t think 1day is enough for those stupid shows?! 666Park ave was and is the best new show on any network

  • Park Ave Fan

    ABC you seriously have no clue.

  • pissed off fan

    this sucks I really liked the show never missed an episode ……ABC Sucks

  • Kim

    There is finally a great show on ABC that people look forward to each week and they put a stupid horrible show to replace it.

  • BCS

    ABC = Always Bad Choices

  • HollywoodJoe

    Just got a tip that Lifetime is picking up this series.

  • Kmarie

    I am so upset about the cancelation of 666 Park Ave. I loved lost but it did not clear up anything at the end. At least this show was going somewhere. ABC making bad decision’s I never saw this coming it had the element of horror, fear, ghost’s and the devil and it made sense while still leaving us waiting for more! First you pull Brothers and Sisters at least you gave it somewhat of an ending but why it was good. Who decides what gets pulled and what doesn’t? give me a box monitor my TV watching, give me a say. I hope it is brought back or CBS picks it up as the did with Medium where it continued to be a hit and had an ending. I might have to get my GH from the soap network. Not thrilled with CBS

  • Aatami_sotkea

    I thought that most of the reason this series was canceled/postponed was that the majority of the set was destroyed by Sandy? Can’t really blame ABC for the weather.

  • mclain1005

    Really ABC!!!! 666 Park Avenue is a great show. Maybe if you actually asked the viewers which show they would rather see, I can guarantee that the two stupid comedies that you are replacing 666 with would not be what everyone wants to see! Stop pulling your great series drama’s for these idiotic reality shows and comedies. Believe it or not, there are actually people out here that want to watch suspense/drama that doesn’t have to be filled with stupidity, bad humor, sex, sex and more sex! I will never watch those other two shows. I didn’t watch them before and I won’t watch them now! I’m done with ABC!!!

  • Amy in pa

    Ugh! I was so looking forward to seeing what was going to happen next! I am bumme that I won’t find out…

  • Debbie

    I loved this show! Very upset. At least show the remaining episodes. I thought it was a great show. I would tape it because I couldn’t stay up late enough to watch it, maybe put it on earlier? Nothing has replaced desp housewives since it left . So sad.

  • Pissed in PA

    The 2 comedies that they replaced 666 park ave. with might be the dumbest shows I ever saw on tv. Hopefully another channel will pick it up because this show was great! ABC hasn’t done anything right since starting Desperate Housewives and now that show is done they probably will never have a hit show again because they don’t give anything a chance!

  • Lonni in Il.

    Very disappointing!!! ABC has a great Sun. night lineup…too bad they’re taking one of the best ones off. BAD MOVE, ABC!!!!

  • Why do they do that im soo sad I loved the show it was soo different maybe if they would put it on another night . but they keep the Nashville show wich is like every other show out there

  • Lady Tee 69

    Why did they cancel the show I really Love it. I’m so piss. ABC Sucks. I only watch Once Upon a Time and Revenge Sundays was all about ABC but now they really Sucks they should listen to the viewers.

  • Christina

    That makes me so mad considering I don’t even watch those comedies! At least keep shows until they finish their seasons!!

  • Lois

    My husband and I really like the show and expected to keep watching it but were greatly disappointed when there was some movie on in its place plus other shows. There were no signs of it not returning. What gives? Lois

    • ptjackson

      The show was canceled. They had a few un-aired episodes from when they pulled it off the Sunday night schedule, and they showed them this summer. There are no more episodes left. Sorry to bring bad news.