Gossip Girl Season 6 Review “New York, I Love You XOXO” – Who Am I?

Well, Gossipers, we’ve come to the end. For many of you, it’s been six long years. For me, only two, but it’s sometimes felt like longer, especially when I’ve been called certain names for having certain opinions on certain characters. And I know there are people out there who will be supremely unhappy with “New York, I Love You XOXO,” the series finale of Gossip Girl, but there’s a much larger contingent who will be quite content.

Of course, everyone should be feeling a teensy bit robbed. Did we really need an hour-long retrospective, when that time might have been better served on, you know, the plot? How many of us really wanted to see Bart Bass shoved into a hole in the ground, just to make sure he really is dead this time? Alas, we never got that satisfaction.

What did we get was the biggest reveal of all, the unveiling of the voice behind the show…Gossip Girl herself. Let’s not beat around the bush. It was Dan Humphrey all this time.

In a bid to gain entrance to the Upper East Side, Dan created Gossip Girl years ago, securing himself both power and, um, acceptance? This is the last time I will have to try to understand anything Dan has done, so all I can say is that his plan worked. For some reason. He did worm his way into to a super-exclusive sect. And although he reported terrible things about the people in his life, he apparently had the blessing and encouragement of his sister, Jenny, all along, as well as some moral conscience as he did try to shut down the site after Blair and Chuck’s car accident.

But the whole time, Serena was his muse, and it was only when he finally realized that she wanted him in her life, in her world…or at least finally believed it as she had told him perhaps half a million times that she did…that he was able to come clean via the Spectator. Although to his credit, Nate figured it out a step ahead of everyone else. It took him six years, but Nate finally did something with that head of his besides just look pretty.

As for Chuck and Blair, well, sorry Dair fans, but she ended up with the man she was destined to be with all along. Even though they had a quickie ceremony so that Blair couldn’t be compelled to testify against Chuck in regards to Bart’s death, it couldn’t be denied that the marriage and the love was real. As for Bart, his plunge over the building was nothing more than a minor inconvenience for the happy couple. Perhaps that was best though; so much of this season was wasted on him that it was good they didn’t do the same with their last episode.

And if you need proof of the reality and finality of Chair, the show flashed ahead five years, to Dan and Serena’s wedding, where Blair and Chuck were not only still happily married, but were the proud parents of a very cute little boy named Henry, who is no doubt the best dressed kid on the playground. Also present at the nuptials: both Jenny and Eric (nice touch), a reunited Lily and William (he was really using Ivy all along to get back with the mother of his children), Rufus (who is apparently dating Lisa Loeb), Nate (who might have lost Sage somewhere along the way, but gained a crazy successful company and possibly a bid for the office of mayor) and in a wonderful twist pairing, Georgina and Jack! Do you think her baby-daddy is still at their apartment, waiting for her to come home?

So, everyone is pretty happy (except fans of Blair and Dan, I assume). We even got a cameo from Kristen Bell (the voice of GG) with Rachel Bilson, playing themselves auditioning for a role in the movie adaption of Dan’s book. Serena has Dan, Blair has Chuck…wasn’t this where it was going all along? Not quite sure why people fought it with so much fervent energy. It’s been Blair and Chuck ever since the limousine. It’s been Dan and Serena since the train station.

As for me, I realize I was harsh on Dan at times, but I’ve gotta say…I stick by those assessments. He really was a social-climber with an inferiority complex who might not have destroyed lives, but did cause a lot of emotional pain just to promote himself. The only good thing he ever did was to fall in love with Serena. Ironically, loving NYC’s premiere party girl gave him a soul and a depth that he might have forgotten now and then over the years, but managed to rediscover just in the nick of time.

Whether you retweeted my posts in hatred or in appreciation, it’s been a surprisingly fun journey with you these final two seasons. I would love to hear your thoughts on the finale, or even your rants. It’s your last chance, Gossipers.

‘Cause I’m not even touching The Carrie Diaries.

And remember, I may not be as scintillating as Dan Humphrey, but you can always follow me on Twitter @krieli1.