Arrow In The New Year: What I’m Wishing For

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While some fans of the original Green Arrow might have been disappointed with the re-imagining of their beloved hero in The CW’s Arrow, the series has introduced Oliver Queen and his hooded alter-ego to an audience that is quickly becoming devoted to his character.

There have also been plenty of Green Arrow fans who have been thrilled to see some of their favorite characters and villains come to life in an ultra-realistic setting. They’ve got a long wishlist of the characters they’d love to see show up on Arrow and as The CW continues to announce casting news for upcoming villains and guests on Arrow, excitement and expectations continue to build.

Although I was familiar with Green Arrow, I had no real personal attachment to the character before The CW’s take on it, so up until this point, I’ve been content to learn Oliver Queen’s story through Arrow’s lens. After last week’s intense mid-season finale, I asked myself what I really wanted to see on Arrow as the series continued.

Naturally, I wanted answers to all the mysteries; I wanted significant character development; and I wanted an interesting story packed with awesome fight scenes and intense action. Thus far, Arrow has been doing a pretty decent job of delivering what I’m looking for and despite a few wobbly episodes, there has been significant progress since the series started.

So, what’s left for me to wish for? A crime-fighting, butt-kicking, super-heroine.

This is the Arrow’s story, so I don’t need anyone to come in and steal Ollie’s spotlight, but I’d love to see a serious heroine briefly step into the Starling City scene. Laurel’s a tough, smart woman who kicks butt in court and has enough self defense skills to fend off bad guys, but at the moment she’s a far cry from the Black Canary we’re hoping she’ll become. There were thoughts that Ollie’s sister, Thea, might become a version of Arrow’s teen sidekick, Speedy, but recent casting news has essentially derailed that theory.

We’ve had a couple female villains, but with the exception of Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow hasn’t really given most of its villains a lot of time to develop into the kind of awesome baddies that you just love to hate. China White comes in and fights really well and looks really cool, but we know nothing about her beyond that. The story arc with Helena Bertinelli let us get to know Helena as an emotionally wrecked mess just before she turned into a villain with a vengeance and ran out of Ollie’s life.

Because she’s a significant character that requires a very deliberate and calculated character development, I’m willing to accept that there may be a long wait for Laurel to (hopefully) turn into Arrow’s version of Black Canary. Still, even in the ultra-realistic world that Arrow has set up for this series, I’d like to think that Arrow can find a way to introduce some classic, crime-fighting super-heroines (sans-superpowers) to Starling City in the meantime.

What are your “wishes” for Arrow when it returns in 2013? Am I alone in wanting to see a super-heroine on screen soon? Maybe there’s a villain you really want to see come to life on Arrow? Let me know in the comments below!