Royal Pains Movie Advance Review: The Royal Wedding – Vegas, Snow, Medicine and a Surprise Ending

Royal Pains - Season 4 - Off-Season Greetings

In this very special episode of Royal Pains, called “Off-Season Greetings,” Evan and Paige struggle to get the beautiful wedding they both want, Divya does something very surprising and Hank has to deal with more than the normal amount of medical emergencies.

Well folks, for any of you who’ve read my previous advance reviews, you might be familiar with the game we’re about to play. For those of you who haven’t, let me welcome you to another round of “Let’s see how much I can say about the episode without giving away spoilers.”

The Royal Wedding

First up, let’s talk about the couple of the (two) hour: Evan and Paige. Their story in this episode reminded me a lot of a holiday-themed romantic comedy, and I mean that in a good way. Much as you might expect, their trip to the altar doesn’t go quite as smoothly as they’d like. Evan is a complete sweetheart and is going everything he can to give Paige the wedding she deserves. In fact, he tries so hard that some even dub him “Groomzilla.” But the efforts aren’t just one-sided as Paige also does her best to give him a special day as well. Watching them get through all of the ups-and-downs along the way made it that much better when they finally got there in the end. Come on, that’s not a spoiler, right? I mean we all knew they were going to get married, didn’t we?

Vegas, Baby!

If you’ve seen the previews, then you know that the guys end up in Las Vegas for Evan’s bachelor party. A few interesting and exciting things happen there, but I can’t really talk about any of them without giving some big stuff away. Suffice to say that the trip brings with it a few surprises and that not all of those surprises involve Evan’s wedding in any way, shape or form.

Many Challenges for The Best Man

Above, I talked about how Paige and Evan’s story was very much like its own romantic comedy movie. What brings this episode back into the reality of a normal Royal Pains episode is Hank and his story. Last we saw Hank he was attempting to run into a burning building to save Boris’ life. We all know that happened at the end of the summer and this wedding is happening in the winter so the question we have to ask is: what happened ??

What I can say is that we do pick up the episode in the winter and what happened back then is told through a few flashbacks, but mostly through dialogue and by finding out what everyone, especially Hank, is up to now. When the summer finale aired, I remember a few people posting comments about their theories on what happed with Hank and what kind of injuries he may or may not have suffered, as well as what may or may not have happened to Boris. What I can say is that some of those theories were right and some of them were wrong. I can also say that it is this aspect of the story that brings most of the really dramatic moments in the episode.

In this episode, Hank is pretty much his normal self and does a lot of what we’ve all come to expect from our favorite concierge doctor. He’s got plenty of medical emergencies to deal with and some of them even call on him to bring out his “Doctor MacGyver” skills. A few of the medical emergencies he has to deal with are pretty close to home and they, along with all of the wedding stuff that Evan is going through, cause Hank to have quite a tough few days.

The Surprise Ending

Oh man, this is the toughest thing to talk about without actually talking about it. What can I say about the ending? Well, first of all it does involve one of the main cast, but it is an incident that will end up affecting all of them. Also, what happens in the last five minutes of this episode will have you not only glued to your television for every single second of those five minutes (at least that’s what it did to me), but it will also have you wishing it was summer right away so that you could see what happens next. While I’m not sure that I would call it a “cliffhanger,” it’s still a story that many fans are going to want to see resolved ASAP.

Overall, I thought “Off-Season Greetings” did a pretty good job at mixing all the elements of a typical Royal Pains episode with the additional fun stuff they threw in to make it more of a two-hour special Christmas movie. Also, it was kind of fun to see everyone dressed in winter clothes and frolicking in the snow instead of the sun. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if we got a Royal Pains Christmas episode every season.

The special Royal Pains two-hour “Royal Wedding” episode airs tonight, Sunday, December 16 on USA Network (9-11 p.m. ET). Once you’ve seen the episode, be sure to come back up here and let me know what you thought of it. I love hearing from you guys!

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