[TV MOVIE] The Merry In-Laws (Lifetime) Starring Shelley Long, George Wendt, Kassia Warshawski & Lucas Bryant

The Merry In-Laws (Lifetime)

The upcoming TV Movie The Merry In-Laws premieres Saturday December 15 (8pm ET/PT) on Lifetime and stars Shelley Long, George Wendt, Kassia Warshawski, Lucas Bryant.

The Merry In-Laws Synopsis: Alex Spencer (Kassia Warshawski), a down-to-earth single mother and Mensa-type astronomer says “yes” to her boyfriend Peter’s (Lucas Bryant) marriage proposal.

Her parents are less than enthusiastic about the news but his parents are thrilled and coming for a visit to meet their future daughter-in-law. What Peter has failed to tell Alex is that her future in-laws are Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

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