The Real St. Nick (Lifetime) Advance Review

Lifetime premieres another original holiday movie on December 15, 2012 at 10/9C. The Real St. Nick stars Torrey DeVitto as Kate, a psychiatrist who is rescued by a man in a Santa suit six days before Christmas. Callard Harris plays Nick Clause, the young man who truly believes that he is Santa Claus. As Nick spends the next six days in the psych ward of the hospital, he begins to show the kids and adults the true meaning of Christmas and leaves everyone wondering if he really could be Santa Claus.

Unlike the last Lifetime movie I reviewed, All About Christmas Eve, The Real St. Nick was badly written and badly acted. As you can tell from reading my synopsis, this is not a unique plot by any means. Unfortunately, The Real St. Nick offered nothing new to the story, all the way down to the ending. The beginning of this movie seemed to be stolen straight from The Wedding Planner except that the person being rescued turned out to be the doctor. From there, the story introduced ridiculous characters. I am looking directly at you Spaulding. It also had to be one of the most unprofessional hospitals I have ever witnessed on TV and that includes Grey’s Anatomy. What administrator of a psych hospital tells the patients he is tired of them making noise? What administrator of a hospital locks up a patient because he wants all the attention to be on him? At first I believed they were making Spaulding out to be the evil villian or the Scrooge. However, it was so badly executed, he just looked like a self-absorbed idiot, harmless at that.

The only believable and well acted character was that of Kate. I am not surprised after having seen Torrey play a range from psychotic Nanny in One Tree Hill, to conniving sister in Pretty Little Liars, to the helpful but with an alternative agenda doctor on The Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately for Torrey, she still had to deliver the lines as written. This left the viewer wondering where she got her psych degree.

The Real St. Nick is supposed to be a feel good, true meaning of Christmas, type story. For me, it was more of any annoying, unbelievable time waster. Just when you felt good about something, something absurd or entirely unrealistic happened to ruin it. Perhaps that is why Lifetime is airing this one in a later spot.

If you tune into The Real St. Nick, come back here and let me know what you thought. Did it make you get in the Christmas spirit or did you have to turn it off? I would love to know what you think.

  • Gerbear

    This movie is almost over and I have to say that I totally disagree with you.

    • Dani Bradford

      I don’t mind being disagreed with at all, especially if it means people are enjoying something.

      • anon555

        if only more people took this attitude on the internet!

  • Vince

    The real saint nick was great, my kids loved it and they really got the message. Well done!

    • Dani Bradford

      I definitely think it kids would like it, although I wasn’t sure they would be targeting kids with the playing time. Glad to hear your family enjoyed it.

  • Deb

    I loved the movie, laughed so much and it was fun!!

    • Dani Bradford

      i am glad you enjoyed it.

  • CareBear

    This is a funny Christmas movie, and I read this movie review… Shocking!! Really?? I was just about to tell all my friends to watch it tomorrow night again, because I missed a few mins. of it.

  • mhgm

    Actually, I thought it was sweet and rather different. Sure the damsel in Christmas distress was that same as most lifetime holiday movies, but after this passed week, I really appreciated a feel good, bit of magic, Christmas movie.

  • T

    I love this movie I totally disagree with the person who wrote the dissertation. I smiled throughout the movie

  • Kkoras

    Show it again!!

  • AG

    It surely hit the spot for us! Beautifully shot!

  • joei

    I loved it!!!! I think your take on the movie was a little off. I will not be looking to you for movie advice!!!

  • Dana

    I am watching the real St. Nick now and enjoying it. Lifetime movies are fun and light hearted. Since I don’t get the Hallmark Chanel anymore on AT&T uverse I look forward to the lifetime Christmas movies..

  • Worthington

    Wow!! I was first disappointed from reading the review. Then I saw all these comments… more comments than any other small movie review on this site!! The power of the people to the people!! amazing stuff!!!

  • Movielover101

    No offense but I think you’re just being a snob I mean come on this morning I woke up trying to find the movie online to watch it again and your telling me it was awful I think it was the most amazing Christmas movie eeevvveeerrr all my family and friends were watching and all 50 of us love it and hope to see it again on tv

  • Li

    I love this movie I would literally watch it 100 times and it still would be so cool

  • Guest

    Great movie,want to buy DVD and see it again for my christmas party!!!

  • Steven

    Great movie going to buy DVD version, when will it be on again.

  • May

    Lighten up, this was a Xmas movie not the remake of hamlet. For a holiday movie, I actually thought it was an original plot, not another lost soul looking for love Xmas movie. I also liked that I could watch it with my children. It had good home alone type comedy. I don’t see any similarity to the wedding planner which was also a cute movie.

  • May

    Loved the movie such a great Christmas story. Cute and simple just the way I like it. Wish there was more movies like this!!!!!

  • Louise

    I loved the movie!!! Was truly inspiring I loved the acting and it was written just so perfect. The way it was done was so well thought out. I wish people could make movies like this more often I wish I was as talented as the people behind the movie. Genius movie, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!!!!!!

  • realblackhart

    it also had similarities to one flew ovwr the cuckoos nest however I enjoyed the movie as well

  • LuvMyKids

    When will this be on again?! I really loved this movie. I had it on tape and now it’s gone. 🙁 I loved the music in it especially the opening version of Silent Night. It says it’s by a band called Crushing Velvet. Does anyone know where I can find it?? I’ve searched you tube and everywhere else. Help!! Please play this movie again!