Cesar Millan’s ‘Leader of the Pack’: Check Out Nat Geo Wild’s Preview of the First Episode [Video]

Cesar Millan is a man on a mission.

In his new Nat Geo Wild series Leader of the Pack, the Dog Whisperer star and renowned dog-behaviorist is turning his attention to rehabilitating shelter dogs who have been deemed unadoptable, and training the humans who want to welcome them into their homes. Each episode will focus on a different dog and the three prospective owners who will have to prove to Millan that they are up to the task of meeting the animal’s needs.

Millan will take each animal to his special Dog Psychology Center in Miraflores, Spain, and use his method of “exercise, discipline and affection” to help the dogs overcome the issues that have prevented them from being adopted. At the same time, Millan will also be putting the potential owners through their paces via a series of canine challenges.

Dog Whisperer had a passion, but Leader of the Pack has a mission,” said Millan in a press release. “Now I am combining my passion with my lifelong mission to prevent the deaths of so many innocent dogs. My goal with this show is to awaken the world to how many dogs are euthanized in one year, how we kill them and how the world really treats what we call man’s best friend. By recognizing what is really happening around the world, we can save the lives of millions of dogs by respecting their love.”

In preparation for the January premiere, Nat Geo Wild has shared the first five minutes of the debut episode of Leader of a Pack. In it, we meet an overenthusiastic Labrador retriever named Jet, whose boundless energy and toy hoarding scares off potential owners. Watch the video below to see how Millan begins to help Jet find a home.

Leader of the Pack premieres Saturday, January 5th at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT on Nat Geo Wild.