It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Review “The Gang Dines Out”

On the latest episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” it was concept episode time yet again, as the gang took on their version of the art house classic, “My Dinner with Andre” in “The Gang Dines Out.” (Interestingly, so did “The League” on their first episode of the night of two in “Our Dinner with Andre.”) The results were overall pretty mixed, but all in all, it was actually one of their better concept pieces this season, maybe even their best, despite an overall lack of overtly funny lines.

That’s not to say it was funny, though. Just that the emphasis wasn’t on funny lines so much as the inherent hilarity of the scenario. Basically everyone showed up apart from one another at the same restaurant, Gugino’s. At one table, you had Frank and Charlie, celebrating their anniversary of moving in together in style, complete with Frank’s sporting of a hilariously bad toupee.

At another table, by the kitchen, much to his dismay, you had Dennis and Mac, having their “monthly dinner.” Forced to sit right by the swinging kitchen door because the restaurant was packed because of a “groupon” special, and stuck with an uneven chair, Dennis was not a happy camper, flinching every time the door slammed into him.

Dennis lamented: “…On the wobbliest chair in Philadelphia, forced to eat dinner with this swarm of coupon-waving trash!” He wasn’t too happy with the table next to them, either, protesting: “Is that table having a meal that only consists of loud noise, screams and hollers?”
Mac tried to reassure Dennis, noting that one of them was military: “They seem to be celebrating something- could be a tactical victory.”

Meanwhile, poor Dee was forced to dine alone, save a terrible looking romance novel in tow, berating the waiter that she wasn’t a “scarecrow, out alone in the fields, scaring away the crows!” To add insult to injury, the waiter sought to take her other chair to give to the protesting Dennis when he complained- not to mention Mac’s hilarious ass-grabbing tipping (a dollar!) to secure the chair in question. His (amusingly) loud dragging of it across the room got Dee’s goat and she got her revenge when she later tied his shoelaces together, causing him to end up crashing into another waiter and injure himself at the end of the episode: “Guys, I’m really hurt here!”

It wasn’t long before the gang started squabbling about each of them not paying “tribute” to one another. Eventually, Dennis and Mac sent over a house wine, which Frank saw as an insult, so he sent over the house’s most expensive wine, which Dennis promptly poured into the ice bucket in protest.

Mac was hurt to not be the focus of Dennis’ attentions, and complained that he never said anything nice to him: “Say something nice to me!” Said Dennis: “Your hair looks small.” (?!)

When Frank saw Dennis dump out the wine they sent over, he arranged for everyone to get a shot of Sambuca- except Mac and Dennis. He gave an impassioned shout-out to the military man, pointing out that whoever didn’t get a shot didn’t deserve one because “They hate America! They hate the troops!”

Dennis was not amused. He gave an impassioned speech, intended for Mac, but which got hilariously off-point to include Frank and Charlie: “He doesn’t hide under a toupee- he faces his challenges instead of just retreating to the sewers, nude, to forage for rings and coins…or to the toilets…or to a life filled with rats!” He continued, pointing out Mac’s wingman capabilities: “Most people wouldn’t do the things he did…he allowed me to go down on Chrissy Orlando on the trampoline. And I licked her ass**** a little bit. It was alright. It was pretty good. It wasn’t great, but it was fine.” This led, decidedly unexpectedly, to Dennis breaking into Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath my Wings.”

Mac, once he realized this insane display was for his benefit, leapt to Dennis’ defense.

Mac: “I didn’t have your back before, but now I’m gonna be the wind beneath your wings. (Picks up glass vase.) “I’m gonna smash this over their goddamn heads!”
Dennis: “I’m gonna blast them with this fire extinguisher!”
Charlie: “I’ll toss hot soup in their faces!”
Frank: “I’ll pinch their dicks with this lobster!”

Chaos ensued, but before the gang could get into it, the waiter stepped forward in protest, and promptly fell on a fellow waiter, the victim of Dee’s aforementioned prank. The perfectly-timed joke caused the situation to defuse nicely, though I’m guessing the gang won’t be invited back in the future to Gugino’s.

As I mentioned, there weren’t that many funny lines, though I did laugh at this exchange between Frank and Charlie- “Don’t make me say it, Charlie. I know you’re not as dumb as you seem.” “Well, let’s just say that I am.” LOL. Still, it managed to be an enjoyable episode, thanks to the comedic timing all around and the perfectly executed slapstick antics. I thought Dennis stole the show by far, with his ridiculous speechifying and increasingly angry attitude about his placement at the restaurant. No one quite does righteous indignation like Dennis- except maybe Charlie on occasion, that is.

For a concept episode, it was pretty good stuff, I thought. What did you think of the latest “It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia”? How did this one stack up to the others this season? Let me know in the comment section!