American Horror Story Season 2 Interview: Dylan McDermott On “The Coat Hanger” And The Reveal of His Character

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Dylan McDermott stunned fans of American Horror Story: Asylum when it was revealed that his character, Johnny, is the modern-day Bloody Face. TV Equals was able to be a part of the conference call with McDermott; during the call, he talked about the conversation creator Ryan Murphy had with him about the character, living with Bloody Face and more.

Talking about Bloody Face

McDermott said he wanted to come back to the show for the second season, but originally didn’t know ho he was going to return. “We talked in the summer. He was looking for something for me to come back. I wanted to come back, but we weren’t sure in what capacity,” he said. “Then, the day the show aired, he called me said he wanted me to come back as the son of Bloody Face, a modern-day Bloody Face. I hadn’t read any of the script, so I knew nothing about it…and when he told me the story, I was flabbergasted…It was so horrendous; how this guy would survive and what he would become and who he was, I was just fascinated by it. And it was so different to from, obviously, Ben Harmon to come back as a different character. I just thought it was a great day to make television, a completely different anything you see on television because when do you get to play different characters on the same show?”

Johnny’s motive

McDermott said Johnny’s main focus behind his crimes is his mother. “Well, Johnny Thredson–he’s a troubled man,” he said, laughing. “…He has a sole purpose in life and really, he is scorned by his mother. Everything’s about his mother. The reason he’s doing all these horrible things is because he was rejected so harshly by his mother–obviously aborted, his father was a serial killer, his mother aborted him and he still lives. So his whole trajectory in life is really about her.”

McDermott’s life with Bloody Face

McDermott said it’s been difficult for him to break away from Johnny as a character.

“It’s funny because [with] this particular role, you don’t it know when it’s happening because it’s unconscious. But yeah, this guy has gotten under my skin a little bit, I have to say,” he said. “Like, I don’t take the tattoos off, I keep them on. I’ve sort of been living with him more than other characters I’ve played. You don’t plan that out, it just sort of happens…For whatever reason, I have an understanding of who he is.”

Johnny’s drug habit

McDermott said that some input he had in the development of his character involved Johnny’s drug habit.

“Yeah, you’ll see in, I think the next episode, [My character] started smoking some crack…I needed him to have an outlet for [his problems] and when [Johnny] started smoking crack they started putting it in scenes,” he said. “So that was an important thing. I wanted him to be high because a lot of these guys are high. A lot of people do obviously terrible things on drugs and it was important for me to have him to be a drug addict as well.”

Will McDermott be back for Season 3?

“I love the show. If I wasn’t on the show, I’d be watching it,” said McDermott about the possibility of returning to American Horror Story: Asylum. “I’m a fan of the show…I really trust Ryan and he has a great instinct with me and if he asks me to come back on, of course.”

Why American Horror Story: Asylum is popular

McDermott said American Horror Story: Asylum has so many fans because of people’s love of being afraid.

“As much as they deny it, [people] want to be scared. It’s sort of a phenomenon, really, why people want to be scared when there is so much violence in the world and craziness in the world,” he said. “People still really enjoy being scared. It’s a conundrum to me. It’s hard to explain It’s an unconscious thing, really, why people like that so much.”

After a brief hiatus, American Horror Story: Asylum will be back on FX January 2 with brand new episodes. According to McDermott, he’ll be back in “the next three out of four [episodes],” so there will be more Bloody Face to come.

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