Whitney Season 2 Review “Hello Giggles”

Whitney Season 2 Episode 4 Hello Giggles

On the latest episode of “Whitney,” they pondered the age-old question: “Are we doomed to become our parents?” Entitled “Hello Giggles” (possible Zooey D. website reference there?), the episode saw some of her mother’s worst traits becoming readily apparent in Whitney herself, including a borderline cruelty to others- namely Alex, who she mercilessly laughed at when he fell off the stage Kelsey Grammer-style at a lecture. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she recorded it and posted it online! Her mother followed suit, and so it began…

Before long, everyone was noticing unpleasant things about themselves, at least amongst the females, with Lily recognizing her near-pathological co-dependent style need for affection and reassurance and Roxanne realizing she got her near-violent excessive need to do everything herself and not depend on anyone for anything, which in turn led to her outright rejection of chivalry from men. (On the plus side for Roxanne, her own recognition of this led to an almost-kiss with Mark, so there’s that.)

Of course, this is nothing new for Alex, when you get down to it. Whitney has always behaved like a Mean Girl. You don’t get seriously involved with someone this snarky if you don’t know what you’re getting into, so it was all Alex could do to just accept it, whether he was feeling hurt or not. Whitney did feel bad enough to confess something she never had to Alex- how much she admired him- so there was a little progress, even if she went straight to showing him a viral video that had arisen on the internet “remixing” his fall!

Overall, a so-so episode, with some good laughs here and there, but less quotable stuff this week around, unfortunately. Here’s the best of the bunch…

Whitney: “It was almost impossible to talk to me in college. That’s probably because I always had a bong in my mouth. Wait- I think it was a bong.”
Alex: “Okay, no fraternity parties for you afterwards.”

Whitney, talking about her mother: “At my graduation, when I was walking up to get my diploma, she made me take a picture… of her.”
Alex: “What? You graduated?”

Whitney: “I appreciate chivalry. I like being choked.”

Whitney: “The speech was so good- they loved it. Even after “the incident.”
Alex: “Don’t call it that. I wasn’t molested. I just fell.

Alex, after Whitney, laughed that his last words before falling were: “Please God- not like this!”
“That was not funny.”
Whitney: “You had to be there.”
Alex: “I was there!”

Lily: “Since when did saying “You’re becoming just like your mother” become the biggest insult on the planet? What happened?”
Roxanne: “Dina Lohan.”

Alex, on Whitney: “You’re kind of like “Wonder Woman”– “I wonder why you’re still in my life.”

What did you think of “Whitney” this week? Do you, too, sometimes wonder why Alex sticks with Whitney? What do you think of the potential coupling of Mark and Roxanne? How about the possibility of an RJ and Lily hook-up? Let me know in the comments!