The League Season 4 Episode 10 & 11 “Our Dinner with Andre; 12.12.12”

The League “Our Dinner with Andre; 12.12.12” Season 4 episode 10 & 11 airs Thursday Dec 13, 2012 at 10:30 pm on FX.

Episode Synopsis: Our Dinner with Andre – Kevin is blackmailed by Ellie’s boyfriend, Taco helps Ruxin with his fertility issues, and Pete re-connects with his high school crush Gina Gibiatti (Brooklyn Decker).

12.12.12 – Andre starts dating his interior decorator and discovers that the buyer of his old loft is Deion Sanders. Rafi and Dirty Randy (Seth Rogen) prepare for the end of the world.

Show Summary: Fantasy football is supposed to provide an outlet for good-natured competition and camaraderie between friends and colleagues, but that’s not always the case. In FX’s comedy series, The League, deception, one-upmanship and a win-at-all costs mentality rule the day on the virtual gridiron and then extend into personal relationships, marriages and the workplace.

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