Private Practice Season 6 Review “I’m Fine”

The character-centered episodes of Private Practice continued this week with a closer look at Sheldon. I’ve always enjoyed Sheldon and felt that the writers under utilized the character. I was hoping that this week would finally give us more insight into the character and clue viewers in on why he’s been a bit out of the loop lately.

The episode returned to the night of Sarah’s disappearance, which coincided with a hospital visit by Sheldon’s troubled patient Nick. After Nick’s disturbing revelation about his sexual feelings for young girls, Sheldon has been understandably conflicted between helping his patient and ensuring that his patient does not harm anyone.

Nick finally returned to therapy and discussed a new relationship with Alyssa. Rather than putting Sheldon’s concerns at ease, the stories of the new love interest only heightened his suspicion that Nick was involved in Sarah’s kidnapping. Of course, when Sheldon confronted Nick about Sarah he denied it.

I was relieved that Sheldon took the risk of lying to his friend about Nick’s confession. Unsurprisingly, the police found Sarah in Nick’s basement. It is really hard to call this a happy ending for Sarah. Indeed, she is still alive and back in the safety of her own home with her family but I cannot imagine the immense guilt Sheldon is left with knowing that he could have saved Sarah sooner.

The remainder of the episode focused on Sheldon’s reaction to the early-season revelation that he has prostate cancer. How heartbreaking was it to see Sheldon go from dancing with his ex-wife on the night of Sarah’s disappearance to being alone in what seemed like a matter of seconds after he shared his recent diagnosis with her? Bitch.

Despite always being a constant to support to his colleagues, who are often quite self-absorbed, Sheldon has chosen not to ask for well-deserved support in return. Case in point, Sam knows Sheldon has cancer and we’ve seen no real effort to do the usual well-intentioned Private Practice doctor meddling. In a practice where the doctors are constantly sharing confidential information with each other, you’d think Sam would have told someone about Sheldon’s condition. You’d also think that someone would have noticed that Sheldon hasn’t really been tuned in to his colleagues. He would never have been the only one in the practice not to know that Charlotte was pregnant. With friends like these . . .

Fortunately, Sheldon isn’t destined to be alone during this process as the episode showed the development of his close bond with fellow cancer patient, Miranda. With Miranda’s terminal diagnosis, however, this story is certain to have a bittersweet, tearful ending.

I’m growing a little tired of the character-focused episodes. I love Sheldon but I thought that the episode dragged at times and was way too somber for someone I really wish would have a happy ending when Private Practice airs for the last time. I was also a little disappointed that Amelia was not more involved in Sheldon’s story. I like the friendship between these two.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below! Up next – Charlotte and the ongoing tale of the mini-Coops.