Parenthood Season 4 “What to My Wandering Eyes” Review

Admittedly, when I saw the previews for this week’s episode of Parenthood, I was a little reluctant to even watch it. Christmas eve and a family member with a serious health problem seem like a perfect storm for holiday tears instead of holiday cheers.

Alas, I put my reservations aside, grabbed a box of tissues and settled in. Kristina’s Christmas Eve fever led to a lot of great moments for many in the Braverman clan. Up to bat first was Crosby, who answered the call to watch over Max and Norah while Adam took his wife to the hospital.

Next up to bat was Zeek, who immediately rushed to the hospital after learning about what happened to Kristina. As with any normal family, the fear for a loved one’s health and the stress of waiting around the hospital for updates and hopefully improvement, is a catalyst for tension. Adam has already been on edge since Kristina’s diagnosis and things reached a climax as Kristina went into septic shock and Adam told his dad to go home because he was not helping.

Having medical staff rattle off things like “there are no guarantees” or that things will “likely” turn around are no comfort to someone worried about their ailing loved one. Add to that tension and uncertainty Kristina’s video message to her kids and you’ve got an epic tearjerker of a moment. How great was it when Adam asked his dad to stay?

The gravity of Kristina’s situation led Jasmine and Crosby to decide that life was too short and that it was time to expand their family. It was nice to see Jasmine and Jabar again. Their appearances are a bit inconsistent at times. Several episodes can pass at times in which Crosby is featured but his family is nowhere to be found. If that is the price for Crosby and Jasmine finally having a healthy, well-adjusted relationship, I’ll take it. Perhaps their decision to have a baby will give them a little more screen time together. After all, we have so many other Bravermans making questionable choices and bringing the drama.

Speaking of which, Sarah and Hank slept together. Blech. I don’t think there’s much that can be done to redeem Sarah for me this season. On to Bravermans I like and couples I’m excited about . . .

After Amber’s well-intentioned attempt to get Ryan a job with Joel, I figured these two would be a bit rocky this week. I’m glad that Sarah’s bad choices helped Amber get a bit of perspective and I suspect that Ryan will get his act together for himself and for the girl who just proclaimed her love for him.

Overall, I enjoyed this week’s episode. It would have been perfect if the Sarah/Hank stuff was left out. I also wish that we could have seen the conversation Adam and Kristina had with Haddie when they finally told her that her mom’s prognosis was worse than they’d initially disclosed.

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