American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 “The Coat Hanger” Review

American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 9 The Coat Hanger

Whoa. That is the first word that comes to mind after that crazy episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. I thought that “I Am Anne Frank: Part 2” was insane, but “The Coat Hanger” just surpassed it, me thinks! What happened this week, you ask? Well, two characters that were presumed dead reappeared, The Angel of Death comes back into the picture, and there are two pregnancies to speak of. Oh, and there’s an crucifixion. Yeah, just when I thought American Horror Story couldn’t push the boundaries of television further, we’re given that little gem.

Let’s start at the beginning. Sister Jude is no longer a Sister. Because of her going bonkers on Ian McShane’s character last week, the Monsignor has her stripped of her title. There is also a hearing where Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden testify that Jude (now Judy) actually killed Frank, the guard. The first surprising twist comes in when Lee (McShane) is shown testifying to the same thing and acting completely contrite and sorry for all of his past transgressions.

Lana, in an ironic twist, is given the news that Thredson managed to get her pregnant, and needless to say she’s not overly happy to get the news that a mini serial killer is growing inside of her. She wants the baby out, but Mary Eunice will not hear anything of the sort. Taking matters into her own hands, Lana becomes an even more kick ass character and decides to abort the baby using a stolen coat hanger. I seriously almost fell off of my couch during that particular scene. I’m used to the blood and gore of American Horror Story and know that they don’t shy away from taboo topics, that’s what makes it fantastic. However, I was most definitely not expecting to see anything in the way of a coat hanger abortion. So points to the American Horror Story writers for shocking me into stunned silence. That is not an easy thing to do.

Kit and Lana devise a plan to kill Thredson, but not until they get his confession. So what does Lana do? She leverages the baby – and shows the doctor the medical papers stating that she is pregnant. Thredson is over joyed and cannot believe that he’s going to be a father. He begs his would be victim not to put the baby into the system, and opens up when she threatens to abort the fetus.

Using this new power, Lana not only gets a confession from Bloody Face, but she gets her interview as well. I’m sure it’s not exactly the circumstances that she was hoping for, but hey – a good journalist gets the story no matter what stands in her way. She also promises Thredson that she will be back to slit is throat. Can anyone blame her? I mean, really. Fist he plays her into thinking that she’s going to get out of Briarcliff, then he gets her out only to turn out to be a serial killer waiting to skin her alive. That is some seriously bad luck.

Turns out that Thredson has some tricks up his sleeve, and when Lana goes back to kill him (with her coat hanger), he’s already gone. Cut to one of the most tension packed minutes of American Horror Story as Lana leaves the storage closet and walks the halls of Briarcliff. I actually asked my bff out loud if she knew where Bloody Face was going to pop up (because apparently she has psychic abilities that I don’t know about) as Lana turned down corridor after corridor. The doesn’t run into Thredson, but instead runs into Mary Eunice who, using her devil powers, tells her that the baby is actually alive… and it’s a boy.

Which leads me into the beginning of “The Coat Hanger” where everything begins in present day in a therapist office. The nice doctor behind the desk is trying to work with a man who has a compulsion problem. Little does she know that his compulsion is actually skinning people alive, a fact that he readily shares with her. It’s Bloody Face 2012 (Dylan McDermott), and he’s ready to start slicing and following in daddy’s footsteps.

While Lana is trying to commit murder, Arden and Kit are bonding over aliens. Turns out that Arden now believes Kit (remember last week when the space men stole Grace’s body?), and thinks that if he “almost kills” the younger man, the aliens will reappear. They’re studying Kit for some reason, and will not allow their specimen to die. Arden draws this conclusion from the fact that Kit’s wife and Grace were both taken right after they slept with Kit. The aliens like something about him, and Kit agrees to let Arden kill him so he can see his supposedly dead wife.

This plan results in some rather large needles to the chest (where Arden has amazing aim), bright lights, and the return of an incredibly pregnant Grace. However, no visual of the aliens or no resolution as to Kit’s fate either. I’m sort of on the fence with the entire alien story line. It feels out of place, and also seems like it’s beneath American Horror Story, am I right? I don’t think something as great and well thought out as this needs to have a sci-fi feel to it. Arden and Bloody Face are quite enough.

To top all of this insanity off, Lee has everyone and their mother’s dog (except me) fooled into thinking that he’s repenting and changing his ways. He even gets the Monsignor to baptize him, and directly after the process, attempts to drown the priest. The end of American Horror Story has a missing Lee, and the Monsignor hanging on the cross in the chapel being visited by The Angel of Death. Whoa.

I must have stared at the screen for a full 30 seconds as the credits ran, trying to comprehend everything that I had seen in the last 42 minutes. It was a crazy, crazy ride, and while I’m so sad that we don’t have new episodes of American Horror Story until January 2nd, I think a break to process everything that has happened might be a good idea.

What did you think of “The Coat Hanger”? What do you think of this season overall? I’d love to hear from you!

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