The Walking Dead Chat – Season 3 So Far

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 When the Dead Come Knocking

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is now on it’s mid-season break and I think I can speak for the entire fandom when I say this season has been a crazy ride! Before I continue, if you are not caught up on the third season of The Walking Dead, this article is going to be full of spoilers, so please stop reading now.

Everyone jump ship that needed to?


The survivors have been through their ups, downs, and everywhere in between during these episodes. We’ve lost many beloved characters, and been introduced to fan favorites from the comics. So, what exactly has happened throughout the season?

Well, at the start, Lori and Rick aren’t on the best terms. As the survivors try to find a way to keep themselves safe, they stumble across a prison where they decide to make camp. After some pretty impressive killing of the walkers in the prison yard, the survivors manage to clear out a cell block and it’s time to settle in.

That is until Hershel looses a damn leg because Rick decides that he has to cut it off to save him from infection. So that was a fun thing to see in the first two episodes, am I right? It was at that point that I realized The Walking Dead was not to be messed with in season 3. Gone was the safe feeling of season 2 when the survivors were safe on Hershel’s farm and planning to start a life.

Season 3 meant business and it wasn’t afraid to pull punches.

After Hershel managed to live through the amputation without Carl having to shoot him in the head, which is never a bad thing. That is until walkers infiltrate the prison and Carl has to off his mother. That’s right – we lost Lori when Maggie had to cut her unborn baby from her in the boiler room. It was a crazy, crazy scene and one that would go down in the books as absolutely crazy.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Michonne and Andrea end up in Woodbury, the picturesque town run by one crazy SOB that is called “The Governor”. What do we know about him other than he keeps heads of walkers in fish tanks in his apartment? How about the fact that he has a walker daughter named Penny that he keeps locked up in a straight jacket?

While The Governor seems like basically a nice guy, and one that Andrea takes to pretty damn quickly, Michonne figures that something isn’t quite right with the picture perfect town. Boy is she right. The Governor and Merle are up to some bad things, and killing people is just the tip of the iceberg. Michonne leaves Woodbury and arrives at the prison, but not before Merle is sent to kill the sword wielding woman. She escapes and Merle ends up bringing back Glenn and Maggie who were on a supply run when the crossed paths with Daryl’s brother.

Leave it to The Walking Dead to leave us on a cliff hanger for two months. The mid-season finale ended with Rick attempting to get his people back to safety after being held captive by Merle and The Governor, The Governor losing a damn eye to Michonne (he deserved it), and Daryl captured and ready to be executed in Woodsbury just for being Merle’s brother.

Add to the fact that Rick is going a little bit crazy and seeing Shane in places he shouldn’t, and we’ve got ourselves on hell of a season!

What say you, The Walking Dead fans? What were some of your “what the hell” moments of season 3 so far? Are there pieces of the comics that you want introduced into the series? I’d love to hear from you!

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