Raising Hope Season 3 Review “The Last Christmas”

Raising Hope wishes you a “Howdy Christmas” tonight with yet another great holiday themed episode, “The Last Christmas”. This show has quite a high standard to live up to when it comes to Christmas episodes, with season one’s “Toy Story” and season two’s “It’s a Hopeful Life” being classic installments, but thankfully tonight’s episode was able to introduce just enough new elements and originality to make it yet another classic.

It makes total sense for Virginia’s character that she would be one of those crazy people that think that the world will end on 12/21/12. Virginia has always been very impressionable by things she sees or hears from the media, so it totally rings true that she would take this completely to heart.

Not only do we see all of the goofy and hilarious things the Chance’s are doing to prepare for the apocalypse, with my favorite being Burt learning how to fight mutant aliens, but we also see another aspect of Virginia’s wacky personality: She’s an extreme couponer! This was yet another totally believable twist for her character, but it was great that she was actually able to use all of her stockpiled items to help Rosa and her family get back on their feet. My biggest complaint with the Extreme Couponing show over on TLC has always been the fact that these people are stockpiling items that they never even use! It was great to see Virginia use her items to help out her closest friend, and it totally validated all of her craziness over the past two years.

Maw Maw returned with a vengeance tonight after being absent from the last couple episodes, as she’s inspired by the crappy Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson movie “The Bucket List” and she starts checking items off of her own bucket list. I’m not sure if her “You might be an old person” stand-up routine was supposed to be funny at the end, but it totally missed the mark for me. If she had one, maybe two jokes, that would have been enough for me. They were all very broad and unoriginal jokes, but they weren’t unfunny to the point of being funny all over again, but they also definitely weren’t funny enough for a show of this stature.

This was yet another episode where the city of Natesville itself came through as a character all its own. Mike Chance returned for one scene, Dancing Dan skates on over to the ice cream truck, and seeing Barney in an elf costume was great. All of these little character moments really flesh this show out, and they combined tonight to make “The Last Christmas” yet another awesome Christmas episode! Have a happy holiday, everyone!

Random Thoughts:

– Fun fact: If you add all of the leap days that Julius Caesar added to our calendar (that the Mayans didn’t account for), then the world should have ended about 18 months ago.

– The black guy that slept with Maw Maw was played by voice actor Dave Fennoy. You might recognize his voice as Lee from the Walking Dead video games, AND he’s the voice of Hulu! So he’s the guy you hear saying “This program has been brought to you with limited commercial interruption…”

– I loved all of the background comedy this week. There was lots of hilarious stuff happening behind our characters this week, with Dancing Dan and Jimmy teasing Virginia being standouts.