2 Broke Girls Season 2 Reviews “And the Big Opening” & “And the Silent Partner”

After “The League” twofer last week, I was a bit skeptical of a similar gambit with this week’s “2 Broke Girls,” which also offered up back-to-back episodes. Although, as with that show, one episode was better than the other, the ladies managed to slightly edge out the competition overall. (As it turns out, the boys, not to be outdone, with have another go of it later this week, with yet another pair of back-to-back eps of “The League,” so look for those reviews, as yours truly does the honors for that show as well. In the meantime, if you’re interested, here are my reviews for the last double feature of the show.)

Oddly, in the case of “Girls,” they led with the weaker episode, but it was a necessary evil, as the shows were chronological. Besides, if you’d told me the episode that partially focused on Sophie would be the better of the two, I don’t know if I’d have believed you- but there it was. Go figure.

In the aptly-titled “And the Big Opening,” our girls finally realized their long-standing dream and had their big cupcake store opening extravaganza, complete with red velvet ropes, a bouncer (gay, but of course-it is a cupcake shop, lol- and hilariously so), and an exclusive guest list. However, Caroline had different ideas than Max about who to invite.

Caroline: “Max, the invited guests were all supposed to be business contacts!”
Max: “…For the record, these guys have all had contact with my business.”

Turns out Max felt revenge was a dish best served with a side order of “suck it!” She invited all her exes, invited the girls out to play with a slammin’ dress, and went and had her hair did, with the sole intention of making the guys she dated fume with jealousy.

Caroline, commenting on Max’s hair: “You got a blow out!”
Max: “Yeah, I figured I’d finally see what all the fuss about getting blown is.”

Later on, Max bragged on the new ‘do- which did look fab- to the notorious ex Johnny, who you may recall Max having an on-again, off-again with last season. He was the one who got involved with her when he had a girlfriend, then again when he was on the verge of getting married. Needless to say, not the greatest guy to get involved with again, but that’s what happens when you dress to kill. Johnny laid on the charm.

Johnny: “You look even better than I remembered.”
Max: “Well, I should. I just got blown.”

Next thing you know, history was repeating itself. Caroline couldn’t help but gloat a little. The morning after, she took one look at Max and knew what had gone down- pun definitely intended.

Caroline: “Well, Max, as far as the “suck it” plans go, it looked like somebody sucked something.”

On the plus side, it does seem like Max is moving on at last from Johnny. Nothing like a little post- break-up nookie to get on with your life. She certainly deserves better, that’s for sure. Let’s hope she gets it. (On the other hand, still enjoying Caroline’s new BF Andy just fine, especially on ep 2.)

Other good lines:

Max, after Earl asks her whether she’d marry, sleep with or kill a certain customer at the diner: “Is there a “throw food in the cage and run” category?”

Earl, to Caroline: “Girl, you’d take the fun out of a punch bowl full of cocaine.”

Max: “In my experience, even when guys say they’re not going to come, they do.”

Sophie: “I’ve got great news!”
Oleg: “What? You finally found the thing we lost in there?” (indicates down below)
Sophie: “No. I knew we should have tied a string on it.”
(Sofia gets a good line, at long last! A sign of good things to come, as it turned out…)

Han (indicating guest list): “My name is on the list! Han Lee!”
Bouncer: “Honey, if I was a fat girl and your name was Sara Lee, you still wouldn’t be getting in.”

Moderately funny stuff, but the best was yet to come. On episode two, “And the Silent Partner,” we discovered that success was short-lived as the first full day of operation was almost a total bust. As if that weren’t bad news enough, they discovered Sophie’s investment in a new house was a scam and she lost a substantial amount of money in the process, leaving her in dire financial straits. As you’ll recall, she was the one who ultimately lent our girls the start-up money to realize their dream, so it put them between a rock and a hard place.

Max came up with a reasonable compromise, as Sophie’s money had essentially already been invested- they’d make her a silent partner in the business. Unfortunately, Sophie knows not the meaning of silent, so that didn’t go too well. In no time, she was redecorating the place, repurposing it to sell other foods and essentially making a nuisance of herself.

Caroline: “Is this the Polish version of a home invasion? They break in and leave something tacky? …It looks like a Tim Burton movie just spit up in here.”
Max: “What’s that funky-ass smell? Do they finally sell pepperoni Febreze?”
Caroline: “This already isn’t working. The stinky salami? The gaudy chandelier? It’s like a haunted Quizno’s in here!”

As if that weren’t bad enough, Sophie had our two girls dress like…wait for it…massive cupcakes!

Max: “You look delicious.”
Caroline: “I look like Honey Boo Boo’s mom at the prom…this is so humiliating. Now I know how Tyra felt when she went undercover as that fat person. Please tell me this is our rock bottom?”
Max: “Well, it’s your bottom. I went to happy hour once and woke up naked in the penguin habitat at the Bronx Zoo. And I did things.”
(The mind boggles…)

Max, to Sophie, who asked them why they aren’t out on the street mingling: “I was looking forward to going up to complete strangers on the street and saying “eat me!” but she won’t leave! Seriously, I can’t believe we’re just standing here when we could be chasing fat people down the street yelling: “You ate my brother!”

Later, Caroline made a break for it when she saw an old friend (Bianca Lawson, aka Kendra the Vampire Slayer & the late Maya of “Pretty Little Liars”). Toppling under the weight of the unwieldy costume, Max did her best to wrangle her from off the ground: “Get up! Get up! Five- second rule!”

Honestly, if you didn’t just laugh at the sight of these two dressed as cupcakes, you’re watching the wrong show. It was easily the superior of the two episodes.

This one was also chock full of quotable lines, but as we’re running long because of the two-for-one thing, I’ll cherry-pick a few. If I missed any of your faves, by all means leave them below in the comments section!

Max, advising Andy how to tell Caroline he loves her: “If it didn’t happen for Kate Hudson in some stupid romantic comedy, then it won’t work for Caroline.”
Andy: “Sorry, what? I left and went to another theater in my mind while you were talking.”

Max, who apparently “did” a lot of things in her slightly-more trashy past: “One time, a guy bought me a slushie and for the next three weeks, he owned me. Eight days in, I almost got traded to a trucker. I did things.”

Max, trying to get a depressed Sophie to eat, airplane-style: “Sophie…open your mouth and put this in.”
Sophie: “Oh, come on now. You’re as bad as Oleg.”

Caroline: “It’s nice to know you have such a big heart.”
Max, who got a peek under the covers to see Sophie was naked from the waist down: “It’s not my heart. What I saw down there changed me! It looks like something an animal built to live in for the winter!”

Andy: “I watched four chick flicks back-to-back, then I made a list of possible ways I was gonna tell Caroline I love her. I was gonna make more- but then I got my period.”

Max, to Caroline who went to confront Andy when she discovered he’d been trying to tell her he loved her for some time: “How did it go? Was it romantic?”
Caroline: “He told me he loved me on the toilet.”
Max: “Oh man, that’s my dream scenario!”

Good stuff all around. Both episodes of “2 Broke Girls” were fun and it’s nice to see the girls living the dream, even if it wasn’t all they hoped it would be…yet. We’ll see. What did you think? Do you hope the girls succeed or would you rather see them stick to the diner? Or would it be okay if they continued to go back and forth between the two like they did in these two episodes? Let me know in the comments!