10 TV Characters That Need a Fragrance Named for Them

Arrow, Beauty and The Beast, Burn Notice, The Closer, Castle, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0, Elementary, Psych

December is an interesting time of year. TV advertising seems to take on a different tone during the holiday season, one of greater urgency, if nothing else. I think that there is also a unique creativity apparent in the various commercials, which is possibly holiday related.

Interestingly enough, amidst the plethora of commercials I seem to be especially noticing fragrance ads recently, including the ones with celebrity tie-ins. Maybe the frequency has increased with the holiday season, maybe there are just more of them overall, or maybe more celebrities are suddenly hawking their signature fragrances. And of course there are the edgy fragrance commercials – you know the type, the ones where you are not even sure what is being advertised until the end. Watching those commercials made me wonder what some of my favorite TV characters would use for signature fragrance names. See if you agree with my list below.

Brenda Leigh Johnson – The Closer – Ho-Ho

Brenda - The Closer

Fans of Brenda know of her chocolate and sweet obsession, and Ho-Hos are her favorite indulgence. Despite her character having cut back on sweets during the run of the show due to health reasons, Brenda still likely smells like a Ho-Ho anyway, so why not create and name a fragrance for them? Added bonus: this fragrance name would fit in quite well with the holiday season!

Walter Bishop – Fringe – Compulsion

Walter - Fringe

Walter is one of my favorite characters on TV. He is quirky and does unexpected things. He also frequently exhibits compulsive behavior, which can lead to all kinds of complications as well as humor. One small request, though – don’t let Walter formulate the fragrance, or its use may cause freaky side-effects or mutations!

Steve McGarrett – Hawaii Five-0 – Macho

McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0

So, really, do I have to explain this one? Steve personifies the word macho. From his chiseled body, to his take charge, take no prisoners attitude, this man acts first and thinks later. He is a real macho man for the new millennium. All part of his charm ans allure, right ladies?

Rick Castle – Castle – Whimsy

Richard Castle - Castle

Rick has a wicked sense of humor, and we see it every week with his quips and asides. Since he is a professional writer, this is not really unexpected, but still, this aspect of his personality is perfect to use as a fragrance name. I imagine the fragrance itself to have an ethereal character… and what cute commercials he would make advertising it!

Vincent Keller – Beauty and The Beast – Brooding

Vincent - Beauty and The Beast

Seriously, is there any other word that comes to mind when you think of this character? Ok, forget about the shallow fan girl descriptive phrases that pop up regarding his good looks. I am talking about the mental state of the character. I think he is one of the top brooders on TV at the moment. Just don’t try to figure out what is going on inside the brain of his!

Oliver Queen – Arrow – Secrets

Oliver - Arrow

Oliver is not the only one on this show with secrets, because heck, it seems that just about everyone is hiding something, but the ones he has are the driving force for the program. As a superhero, we expect some secrets, his identity being first and foremost, but he goes way beyond that!

Michael Westen – Burn Notice – White Knuckles

Sam, Michael and Jesse - Burn Notice

Life near Michael is one long crazy roller coaster, to be sure! Recent events have only made the lows lower and the drops life threatening. Certainly the people around him can relate to the name of this fragrance, since their life working with him is one crisis after another. Hang on for dear life, my friends!

Shawn Spencer – Psych – Seriously?

Shawn - Psych

Shawn has a unique approach to life. He treats just about everything as an opportunity to have fun. Some of his antics are so outrageous, and certainly most of his comments are just plain silly, so we must wonder if we are to take him seriously. His fragrance name reinforces that concept, including having punctuation!

Sherlock Holmes – Elementary – Difficult

Watson and Holmes - Elementary

Stubborn and totally lacking in inhibitions does not even begin to describe this man. As he is portrayed in this program, he also has some obsessive-compulsive aspects to his behavior, and he very certainly is difficult to get along with, much less manage – just ask Watson!

Joan Watson – Elementary – Patience

Watson - Elementary

This woman has her work cut out for her, being Sherlock’s sober companion. Sherlock does not want her there, and does everything he can to annoy her, escape from her presence, and just generally push her away. Her patience in the face of his antics is epic, in my opinion, making it the perfect name for her fragrance. I even have the perfect ad campaign for it – “Forget ‘Elementary, my Dear Watson,’ now it is ‘Patience, my Dear Watson!'”


So what do you think? Do I have a future naming celebrity fragrances? Do you have some to add to my list? I would love to hear your ideas in the comment section below!