Him & Her Series 3 Review “The First Date”

So far, this third series of BBC3’s Him & Her has all about Steve and Becky moving forwards with their lives, but this week takes a step back to remember their first date.

It’s not quite their first meeting, which seems to have been on a night out previously, but it still has that particular awkward tension that comes with making small talk with someone you don’t know very well. The sweet affection is still there underneath all the chit-chat and mundane observations, but that’s probably due to the actors’ familiarity with each other. Overall, this is as uncomfortable to watch as it is to experience.

This isn’t always a good thing, of course, and the episode lacks that comfortable and familiar quality the series has gathered over the last three years. It’s lovely to see the pair meet, and the final moments in which Becky decides to stay in the flat for their date are as sweet as they are prophetic. Yes, even on their first date, the couple don’t manage to actually get through the front door. They have fewer visitors than normal, too, with only Dan trespassing on their time together.

Laura and Paul get less than flattering mentions, already engaged and flaunting it on Facebook, and social media etiquette rears its ugly head when Becky discovers pictures of her sister of Steve’s laptop. Other great moments are the storage closet underneath his duvet, the broken sink and the steam-drawn ‘Steve + Becky’ on the bathroom mirror. It’s a different side to Steve that has only really come forwards this year, and seeing them come together is a great way to send us into next week’s finale.

What did you think of the episode? Will Becky say yes to Steve’s pending proposal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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