Underemployed Episode 8 Review “The Gig”

The move to Saturday night’s doesn’t bode well for Underemployed, and the latest episode, ‘The Gig’, proves that could be a good or bad thing. The show started as a light-hearted look at 20-something’s lives, making it work no matter what was thrown their way, and now these five young adult’s lives are imploding before our eyes.

Raviva and Lou were the big story this week, as their relationship is left in tatters by mutual infidelity. Of course, until next week at least, Raviva doesn’t know about Lou and his sexy co-worker, and has to endure solo guilt over a minor incident with Jamell. Things aren’t helped by the fact that her coffee-buddy offers her a gig right after Lou tells her to cut all ties, and her ambition quite rightly overrides her desire to please her boyfriend. Lou doesn’t come off too well in the eyes of the audience, though, since he has the audacity to judge Raviva all while he’s sleeping with a co-worker in his dad’s office.

This storyline, along with Sofia’s early episodes, is Underemployed’s crowning achievement, as this is often the reality for young parents somewhat forced together by an unexpected family. It might have been nicer to watch the three of them cope brilliantly for thirteen episodes, but it’s much more interesting to watch how their family unit struggles to form under such pressure. We’ve had Raviva struggle to be a stay-at-home mom at a time when her career should be the priority, we’ve seen Lou take a menial job that flies in the face of his green principles, and we’ve seen their frustration manifest in betrayal and resentment towards each other.

Sofia gets the main B-story, as she meets a mysteriously inscrutable nanny at the beach. Her gay-dar hasn’t properly kicked in since she accepted her sexuality, and she’s forced to recruit Miles and his uncanny sixth sense (“the body knows”) before she makes a move. It doesn’t help, and she has to put herself out there without a clue of the girl’s preferences. Surprisingly, and embarrassingly, she gets knocked back mid-kiss, with the girl telling her that she’s barking up the wrong tree. I’d say poor Sofia, but this is actually the first problem that her friends and family haven’t been able to solve for her, and it might actually do the girl some good.

Daphne and Miles are still dancing around each other, and this is definitely going to be the feel-good romance of the final weeks. They’re obviously perfect for each other, but Daphne has absolutely no clue, treating him like a brother and a flatmate before a potential boyfriend. It’s clearly torturing a thoroughly hung-up Miles, but his uncharacteristic reaction is to be the perfect best friend. He sorts out problems with her current boyfriend, gives her advice, and even lets her steal his breakfast. That’s a housemate you want around. My guess is that he’ll move out at some point, and she’ll realize what she’s lost.

What did you think of the episode? Will Lou and Raviva be able to repair their relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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