The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 Review “Take Down That Million”

The Season 21 first leg of The Amazing Race finale took the teams to one of the most beautiful places in France, the Loire Valley. On the way from Spain to France, the twins ramped up their obnoxiousness and my finger hovered over the mute button. They started relentlessly badgering the other teams to join them in a “dream team” alliance and to shut out the Beekman boys. For some reason, the other teams agreed. The Beekmans hit it right on the head when they described the situation: “It’s like high school all over again.”

The twins didn’t stop there. They maligned the Beekmans by accusing them of coasting through the competition and riding on others’ coattails. They also referred to them over and over as “the gays” and “the evil gays.” But, finally karma reared up and kicked the twins square in their asses. My heart skipped a beat when the twins received directions to Château de Chambord instead of Château de Chenonceau, the leg’s pit stop. Bye twinies!

That left the Chippendales, Trey and Lexi, and the Beekman boys to compete in the final leg of the race. I was surprised that the last stop was New York. It definitely gave the Beekmans an advantage since it was their home turf. When I saw the first challenge my stomach lurched. Team members were suspended 15-stories up by their ankles and had to maneuver out of a straightjacket. The second the jacket fell, the bungee gave way and they plunged toward the ground. It was insane.

Next up was the United Nations flag challenge. Of course, there wouldn’t be a finale without another Lexi crying episode. I recognize that from the comfort of my couch, it’s easy to think that Lexi needs to toughen up. I’m also sure the race is emotionally stressful. So, I am going to cut her a break on this one. After all, it was a million dollars on the line.

Ultimately, it wasn’t any special knowledge of New York that decided the race. It all came down to the process of elimination for matching up the flags. Josh went through it systematically and pulled ahead. The Chippendales followed at the Beekmans’ heels, while Trey and Lexi were left behind. It was incredibly exciting when the Beekman boys raced into the room to cross the finish line. Phil Keoghan looked shocked, and the other competitors went crazy when they saw them. And actually, the most touching moment was hearing team monster truck say that the Beekman boys had changed their perspectives, and that it was not right to judge people for their sexual preference. I hope that the Beekmans have brought home that message to others and congratulate them on their well-deserved win.

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