Haven Season 3 Review “Last Goodbye”

As terrifying as the prospect of having a serial killer mixed in among your close circle of confidants is, Haven handled it with a Scooby-Doo level of seriousness in “Last Goodbye.” Having narrowed down the list of Skin Walker suspects to Duke, Claire, Vince, and Dave, Nathan and Audrey called everyone down for a meeting at the freaky laboratory and told them what the deal was and that they were all officially suspects.

For knowing next to nothing about the Skin Walker’s ability, Nathan and Audrey made some bold assumptions about what the Skin Walker could and could not replicate. This is Haven we’re talking about. If a person’s Trouble turned them into a skin-wearing, personality-stealing, voice-mimicking psychopath, how could they be sure that memories weren’t also downloaded somehow? They had no idea how long the Skin Walker had been stalking them or watching their most intimate moments when they thought they were all alone. Had I been Audrey, I might have decided to test all these people when they weren’t expecting to be questioned about their memories. Everyone was told that they were a suspect and could mentally prepare themselves for the questioning that would happen at the station.

Once Audrey actually got to asking the questions, they weren’t as challenging as I would have hoped. Each person she interrogated eventually took charge of the conversation and steered it in the direction they wanted it to go. They were dealing with a Skin Walker who had perfected an ability to imitate strangers and blend in. Knowing that, Claire was still given trusted status after “intentionally” fumbling up during questioning, Nathan and Duke were let off after talking about their kisses with Audrey, and Vince and Dave were let off the hook precisely because they didn’t answer her questions. It seemed like Audrey truly didn’t want to believe that any of these people could actually be the Skin Walker, so she didn’t push as hard as she probably should have.

Throughout the episode, we cut back and forth between Audrey’s interrogations and the Trouble-of-the-week investigation. Will Brady, the Troubled person responsible for everyone in Haven going into sudden degenerative comas, had an unexpected tie to one of the Skin Walker’s recent victims. Audrey’s time with Will didn’t really do much in terms of the Skin Walker plot, but it forced her to see her “fate” in a different way. The most significant part of this whole story line came in the last few moments that Audrey and Will spent together before he went back into his coma. He told her that if he had a few more hours he’d say a few more goodbyes, but if he had a few days, he’d be fighting his fate tooth and nail. It’s something that Audrey has been reluctant to consider. Her disappearance would mean a Trouble-free Haven for 27 years, but maybe Will’s last words will inspire her to take advantage of the few days she has left and see how she can fight back without hurting the people of Haven.

In the last few moments of the episode, Audrey discovered that she was playing an unwilling host to the Skin Walker who had taken on Claire’s form. What gave her away was the Skin Walker’s reference to the Barn and the use of the phrase “hush” – the last thing that Will Brady remembered of the attack that put him in a coma and took the life of his girlfriend. Given that Tommy and Claire had shared scenes on Haven in the past, my best guess for when Claire became the Skin Walker would be sometime after “Magic Hour Part 2.” The Skin Walker mystery still hangs heavy in Haven – what is the Skin Walker’s true identity (perhaps it’s the Colorado Kid’s wife, Arla Cohen?); what happened to the real Claire; why is the Skin Walker collecting body parts; and what does the Skin Walker expect to get from Audrey Parker? The previews for next week’s Haven imply that Audrey gets away from “Claire” alive, but we’ve got to wait to find out exactly how she manages to escape Haven‘s most dangerous serial killer yet.