Dexter Season 7 Review “Do You See What I See?”

Dexter Season 7 Episode 11 Do You See What I See

“I should have known better than to count on the future. All you can ever believe is now. This moment. Because in a blink, everything can change.” – Dexter

As we’re only a couple weeks away from Christmas, we catch back up with Dexter and the rest of the gang in tonight’s great episode “Do You See What I See?” For many, Christmas is a time to reflect on your life. On your family, your past, your present, and in Dexter’s case: Your future.

It was a very nice moment indeed as Dexter had somewhat of an “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment as he enjoys a brief fantasy of what his life would be like if he grew old with Hannah. Apparently Dexter is going to lose a lot of hair, Harrison’s going to grow up into a strapping young man, and Hannah will…look just as stunning as she does now. It just isn’t fair, Dex!

With the Kashka/Foxhole storylines being almost completely finished at this point, tonight’s installment has the ability to focus almost entirely on Dexter being investigated by LaGuerta. We start off with Dexter visiting Matthews, and I was genuinely shocked how open the guy was! Maybe it was his interrogation technique to be as honest with Dexter as possible about Maria’s investigation now being focused on him, but I’m really not sure what Matthews’ motivation is at this point. Is he just throwing Maria under the bus as payback for her ousting him? Or does he actually believe a little bit that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher and he’s just trying to capture Dex by himself? Or it could be none of these, and he just wants to burn through this investigation as soon as possible so he could get his pension back. We’ll see.

Matthews and Maria did seem to try their hardest to catch Dexter, but Deb does a pretty darn good job at throwing LaGuerta and Matthews off the scent. For somebody who has been so morally averse to misleading the police, Debra sure does know what she’s doing when it comes to planting evidence! I really love how they’ve handled Deb knowing Dexter’s secret this season, as you can really see how much of a struggle it is for her every time she feels the need to get involved in covering up for her brother.

Deb was great once again when Hannah comes by her house for a brief conversation about Dexter, but I still don’t get Deb’s hostility towards her. Remind me again why she still hates her? Sure, she’s killed people, but nowhere near as many as Dexter. Plus, the people she’s killed for the most part were people who have wronged her, like the counselor that molested her or the maid that abused her. There have been other killers on this show that have been much more offensive and egregious with their crimes, even earlier this season with Ray Speltzer, but Deb has never seemed so personally invested in bringing someone to justice the way she is with Hannah. At least Hannah seems to only be killing people that are threatening her, as opposed to doing it for fun. I feel like this animosity might come mostly from jealousy of what Hannah has with Dexter, which is just…ew.

As it turns out, Deb might have actually had a good reason to be concerned with Hannah. I for one was hoping that we would have to wait a little longer to find out if Hannah really poisoned Deb, as it was so much fun to see these two sides play it out. On one hand, I really like Hannah and I don’t want her poisoning of Deb to destroy the great relationship that she’s developed with Dexter. On the other hand, Deb has been a mainstay on this show for seven years and a wonderful constant in Dexter’s life, so you don’t want her to be wrong either.

All I can really say is that I’m SO glad that the meds that we saw Deb start taking last week didn’t end up to be the thing that did her in. Medication is usually written in to a TV show as a lame excuse to have one of the characters start acting erratically, so the fact that Deb was vindicated by realizing that she was indeed drugged was a great moment for her. If only it didn’t come at the price of such a heartbreaking loss for Dexter.

I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but the final scene reminded me quite a bit of Jesus and Judas Iscariot, except with their roles reversed. Judas (Dexter) goes to the Garden of Gethsemane (Hannah’s nursery), and kisses Jesus (Hannah) so that the authorities know who to arrest. This dynamic is just as heartbreaking and poignant 2,000 years later, and you can’t help but wonder after all of the religious undertones of the last season if the writers are still getting these themes out of their system.

It looks like Hannah may be on her way to jail for a long time, but Dexter may not be far behind! In what turned out to be an awesome twist, we find out that Hector Estrada (The guy who ordered that Laura Moser be killed) was released by LaGuerta! In a scene very much mirroring the ones from the book, LaGuerta follows Dexter to an abandoned shipping yard, only here she actually doesn’t find out about him. At least not yet. Now that Isaak and George are taken care of, Hannah is behind bars, and there are no other big bads to speak of…Could we have Maria on Dexter’s table for the big season 7 finale next week! I can’t wait to find out!

Speaking of main characters getting written out, I’m sad about Batista possibly leaving. I realize that since we only have one season left that some people might be written out of the show, but I wish he just said he was leaving because he loves his job at the restaurant instead of trying to pretend that Mike’s death hit him so hard. Dexter has had some ups and downs over the years, but overall this has been an exciting and engaging ride to be sure. As we start saying goodbye to these characters, I’m hoping the Dexter writers can send them off in style with only one more season finale to go, since the next finale we get will be a series finale! {Sniff}

Random Thoughts:

– Seeing the “previously on…” scenes from season two really made me remember how long Dexter’s hair was back then! I guess the Hodgkins Lymphoma affected his hair growth since then.

– I’m pretty sure that no body shop is going to let you stick your head in to a totaled car like that and start rooting around, especially with all of that broken glass lying around. The car could cave in on you, or you could cut yourself on the glass, and then they’d have a lawsuit on their hands.

– I feel like we’re being forced back to the Foxhole every week now just so that Showtime can fulfill their quota of nudity. Or maybe they’re just picking up the slack for Homeland, whose nudity quota is WAY down this year as compared to last.