All About Christmas Eve (Lifetime) Advance Review

all about christmas eve lifetime

Lifetime premieres All About Christmas Eve, another original movie, tonight just in time for the holidays. All About Christmas Eve stars Haylie Duff as Eve, an event planner who must choose between her ideal romantic Vermont holiday vacation or a work trip to California to help her boss land their biggest account yet, guaranteeing Eve a promotion. Although this is not a new plot device, All About Christmas Eve kicks it up by showing the two possible outcomes as a result of Eve’s actions.

The concept of parallel storylines intrigued me. It automatically made me think of Sliding Doors with Gweneth Paltrow from the 90s. What I was curious about was whether a Lifetime movie would be capable of the same effect and believability of telling two stories in one. The answer? Yes.

All About Christmas Eve is a actually a delightful movie. Haylie Duff seemed well suited and at ease in both of her roles. Connie Selleca was well cast as Eve’s no nonesense Devil Wears Prada type boss, Elizabeth. Stephen Colletti, of Laguna Beach fame, plays the perfect slacker boyfriend. Chris Carmack plays the boyishly charming California client, Aidan. The real gem in this film for me, however, was Patrick Muldoon who played Tino, Aidan’s business partner. Patrick was only in a few scenes, but he stole every one of them. Does anyone else think that Patrick Muldoon reminds them of an older Ian Somerhalder?

Without giving away too much, I think the reason that this movie worked is that it did not follow the usual road. There was not an obvioius chosen path that Eve should follow. Each path had its own bumps and problems. Although there was somewhat of a hokey part near the end, the ending was actually quite satisifying. I found myself watching intently to see how it all turned out.

All About Christmas Eve is not really a Christmas movie. The only thing that ties it to the holiday is the timing and the main character’s first name. However, it is full of some life lessons that are typically found in holiday movies such as A Christmas Carol and Scrooge. I think it is the perfect Sunday movie as we gear up for the Christmas season.

Tune in tonight, December 9th, at 9 pm ET to All About Christmas Eve on Lifetime and then come back here and tell me what you thought.