Nikita Season 3 Episode 6 Review “Sideswipe”

Nikita Season 3 Episode 6 Sideswipe (5)

It’s winter finale time on this week’s Nikita, ‘Sideswipe’, with a new threat to worry about and some new friends to help them. Amanda returns to wreak havoc, a rogue agent is brought into Division as one of the good guys, and Birkoff finally manages to uncover the mole’s identity.

It’s fair to say that Nikita’s little experiment with Division hasn’t been going so well, and she’s still trading in on the reputation she gathered as a rebel back in seasons one and two. She and Michael track down Dirty Thirty member Cyrus this week and recruit him in their mission to confiscate Sideswipe. Unfortunately, he’s already working for Amanda, and his selfish motives land him in the torture chair before Division come to save him. Apparently, he knew where she was back in the day and didn’t tell Percy, and so Nikita has no problem letting him stay at Division as a good-guy agent.

Amanda’s evil plans are a little nastier than we or Nikita had originally imaged as, she doesn’t just want to kill her nemesis, she wants to break her down emotionally. This means that everyone she loves, meaning every regular cast member on the show, is in grave danger. It’s a little cliché and expected just because Amanda has always been so obsessed with Nikita, but it works as an underlying threat for season three. Will someone die before the season is up? There’s still a long way to go considering we’re only six episodes in, but killing someone off would certainly raise the stakes.

And the stakes were raised this week, as Birkoff uncovers the mole’s identity. It’s Sonya, as a lot of viewers had deduced, and the face-off between the love birds in brilliantly done. Of course he doesn’t want to believe that Sonya has sabotaged them by passing information to the bad guys, and so buys her story of another traitor within Division with minimal fuss. Is he right to trust her? If she’s telling the truth then that means there’s someone else pulling the strings. Could it be one of the main characters? I certainly hope so, even if I can’t think of anyone who would make sense right now.

Owen didn’t appear in this episode, as I suppose his character is more recurring than regular, which left Alex to try and reconcile with Sean. Swooping in to save the day like some sort of superhero, he’s not quite so comforting the next day when Alex tries to thank him. It looks like she’ll have to do a lot of grovelling to repair this particular relationship, but she might be better off looking elsewhere. The chemistry between Alex and Owen last week was significant, and I definitely wouldn’t be against that pairing now that Nikita is off the market. We have to deal with her reignited drug problems first, of course.

What did you think of the episode? Will a main character be killed off after the Christmas break? Let us know in the comments.