Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Review “Love Turns You Upside Down”

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 8 Love Turns You Upside Down (9)
This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy brought the interns to the forefront. I’m mostly indifferent towards the interns and I’m hesitant to get too attached to any of them thanks to Shonda Rhimes penchant for death and tragedy.

I’ve been reluctantly growing to like Shane a little more with each episode. After this week’s episode, I wouldn’t mind seeing him do more work with the residents. What started out as a patient with a pretty icky condition – lumps, boils and bumps – ended up being a standout moment for Shane and teachable moment for Kepner.

Poor Wilson found herself assigned to Karev’s service. Karev was in rare form, determined to make Wilson feel like crap with not-so-subtle barbs and referring to her as princess. In a storyline that seemed straight out of an episode of MTV’s Teen Mom, a young mother abandoned her child – with encouragement from her own mother.

Karev’s poor attitude and the stress of the crappy teen mother took its toll on Wilson, whose effort to prevent the teen mom from abandoning her baby turned physical. When Karev demanded an explanation, we learned that Wilson was abandoned as a child and had to work her way through school with no support of any kind. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Karev!

The revelation about Wilson’s past was interesting but I suspect it is being used as a set up to bring her and Karev closer. As someone who also had a difficult childhood, I’m sure Karev is intrigued by the intern.

Leah and Edwards
Leah and Edwards, both of whom I’d like to officially nominate as recipients for the annual Shonda Rhimes fatal tragedy, vied for the attention and respect of Christina. Good luck with that. Their antics nearly killed a patient and earned them both an operating room ban courtesy of Owen.

Unfortunately for Brooks, Meredith only needed one thing – find a McDreamy sister to donate a live nerve for Derek’s surgery. As expected, Derek was not supportive of Meredith’s meddling and her involvement of his family. Brooks, of course, found herself stuck in the middle.

Thankfully, Derek’s sister (portrayed by Neve Campbell) arrived at the hospital as a willing donor. I hope Derek’s surgery goes well and I’m really excited about Campbell’s guest spot.
Shane was chosen by Callie to assist her with Derek’s surgery, which he graciously accepted. Of all the interns vying for the position, he was the only one who treated Derek like an actual patient. Shane could have been smug after saving a woman’s life and being chosen for Derek’s surgery but instead, he graciously cheered up a sulking Kepner who was on day two of the icky patient. I loved Shane’s “I’m here because I want to be” line. He’s talented and likeable, which probably means Shonda will take him away from us. *sigh*

What did you think of this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Will Derek and Meredith have the ultimate happy ending – new baby and a successful hand surgery? Is Shane doomed now that he’s actually likeable? Time will tell. Until then, sound off below!
The episode was a nice reprieve from the plane crash drama but I watch Grey’s Anatomy for the regular cast.