Person of Interest Season 2 Review “C.O.D.”

Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 9 C.O.D (4)

In last night’s Person of Interest, it was a Cold War bad guys reunion with appearances by Cubans, Estonians, and a Russian. Team machine was tasked with protecting a Cuban defector and former baseball player, Fermin Ordonez (Michael Irby) who was caught in the crosshairs of an international conspiracy. Ordonez wanted to bring his wife and child to the U.S., so he sold a laptop left in his cab by a Russian that, unknown to Fermin, contained valuable information from the Department of Homeland Security.

While Reese protected Fermin from the Estonians, Finch tracked down the laptop. Finch and Reese had a couple amusing exchanges, but I would like to see more repartee and less exposition from these two. The main focus of the episode, though, seemed to be the side stories.

Who is the ultimate bad guy? Because the show is a procedural drama, one expects that each of the person of interest mysteries will be tied up with a bow by the end of the hour. But the show has tried to go beyond this formula by weaving in side stories that run through many episodes. Last season, they brought in Elias and Root to provide the dark counterbalance to Finch and Reese. This season, we had a brief return of Elias, but the focus shifted to the crooked cop syndicate, HR. With the big reveal several episodes back of Quinn as the head of HR, he seemed poised to step into the nemesis shoes.

Last night’s episode, though, muddied the waters. HR returned looking to reinvigorate its operation. In order to raise some capital, Quinn decided they should approach Elias. This was a cruel tease. Elias did not, in fact, make an appearance in the episode. Instead, Elias’ henchman set up a double-cross that almost had Fusco in the line of fire. While I enjoy the Elias character, it felt unnecessary to bring him back in name only. If the true threat this season is Quinn, I’d like to see more storylines building him up as the bad guy to beat. He’s still too much in the shadows.

Aside from the ultimate bad guy conundrum, the groundwork has been laid for a bigger storyline involving Fusco. Fusco has become a well-rounded character this season. He has been part of team machine practically since the beginning, so we know he is loyal to Reese and Finch. We also know Fusco has a romantic life outside of his work. This makes him a more fully developed character, which also means we are more emotionally invested in him. This week, when HR called on Fusco for help, he tried desperately not to get involved. But, HR backed up its threat of retaliation with video of Fusco shooting Carter’s former partner Davidson. Carter has now been alerted that Davidson was killed by a police officer, and it will be a dark day when she realizes it was Fusco. This was the strongest and most interesting part of the show.

At the end of the episode, I had a lot of questions. Will Elias come back? Does Quinn have a bigger endgame? Are they setting us up to be emotionally invested in Fusco and then plan to kill him at the end of the season? We’ll have to wait and see how things go in the second half of the season, but hopefully, we’ll get more clarity on who is the real threat to Finch and Reese.

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