Elementary Season 1 “You Do It to Yourself” Review

Finally we get to see some more of Watson’s back story and what brought her to the place she is at today. Elementary took a different approach to their story telling last night with “You Do It To Yourself”. Instead of the killer being the first person that we’re introduced to (as has happened in many, many episodes of Elementary) Sherlock and Detective Bell are forced to travel from place to place to figure out how the victim died.

Turns out the murdered guy was actually not that innocent in anything that he had going on in his life. To ensure that his wife was deported after his death, Annunzio hires a contracted killer for.. wait for it… himself. He tries to frame his wife’s lover, but with Sherlock on the case, it doesn’t turn out to be as easy as Annunzio would have thought.

Using more powers of deduction and huge skills of observation, Sherlock is able to place different clues and inconsistencies within Jun and Ramirez’s stories of how the murder went down.

It was an interesting episode of Elementary and dare I say one that may have been a little on the slow side to some viewers? I enjoyed it immensely and hope to see more of the formula in the future. “You Do It to Yourself” felt truer to the Sherlock novels than any episode thus far.

Now let’s talk about Watson. We get to see that Watson was in a relationship with an on and off addict, which makes me feel A.) rage and B.) sympathy.

Rage because I think it’s sort of a cheap shot of the writers to give Watson a “type”. Does she need to take care of former addicts? Are these the only people that she’ll work with? And sympathy because she obviously really loved Liam and was devastated when he reached out to her.

I really loved seeing Watson and Sherlock play off of each other in this episode, but it also made me wonder exactly how the writers will get Watson to stay with Sherlock after her 5 weeks are up. What say you, Elementary fans?

Thoughts on yesterday’s episode? Theories about Watson and Sherlock? I’d love to hear from you!