The Neighbors Season 1 Review “Merry Crap-mas”: Christmas Is A Time For Giving

The Neighbors Episode 9 "Merry Crap-Mas" (6)

It feels like The Neighbors is finally coming into its own a bit and that’s great. It’s also time for Christmas in the Zabvronian neighborhood, and in this episode, “Merry Crap-mas,” extra attention is focused on the crap, aka presents and other commercial junk we buy as an expression of our love for our family.

The Weaver children seem to have forgotten about the loving part of gift-giving, as they have given their parents a Bill Of Rights-esque list of what they want for Christmas. Not only do they want tons of stuff for Christmas, but–in the case of Amber–want them before Christmas! Amber is going on a snow trip with high school hunk Jeremy and needs her snowboard now! Ugh. To get back at their kids–and to preserve family togetherness–Marty and Debbie decide to take their family on a trip to Hawaii. The kids, of course hate the idea.

Even though the Weaver parents are now disappointed in their children, they did manage to finish their Christmas shopping. In an effort to keep some sort of surprise for Christmas, they ask the Bird-Kersees to keep the presents at their house. Jackie readily agrees, but Larry–who hates the Earth and its customs–scoffs at the idea of presents and American consumerism.

The Neighbors Episode 9 "Merry Crap-Mas" (9)

Larry’s thoughts on Christmas change once he opens one of the presents. Soon, the entire Bird-Kersee family are drowning in Christmas paper and unwrapped presents. Larry then gives all of the presents away to his Zabvronian people, thereby ruining the Weavers’ Christmas.

It takes a little talk from Abby (the unimpressive Weaver, by Larry’s estimation) for Larry to learn the true meaning of Christmas–togetherness and family. With the new meaning of Christmas firmly in his heart, Larry takes it upon himself to give the Weavers back their Christmas–and their presents. With the help of his son Dick Butkus, Larry gets the help of strippers, a male Polynesian dancer, some Victorian-era costumes and Dick practicing his Tiny Tim impression to bring the Weavers a huge Christmas tree filled with cheer. Even better–Larry dressed up as Santa Claus to bring the newly-wrapped presents. Abby now believes Larry is not only an alien, but also Santa. Initially, Larry tries to tell Abby otherwise, but after seeing the look on her face, he decides to keep her faith in Santa tell her that his “Santa” identity is their little secret.

Also, a Christmas miracle happened: Amber decided to stay with her family instead of going to her trip with Jeremy! She has proven once again that she has a heart!

Overall, this was a fun, lighthearted way to get into the holiday season! I’m glad to see The Neighbors getting in its groove! It’s becoming the be the oddball show I initially hoped it would be.