The Hour Series 2 Episode 4 Review

The conspiracy goes further down than anyone could have guessed in this week’s The Hour, as Bel and Freddie continue on their sub-career path as detectives to scoop out the biggest story in London.

Finding a set of photos and some juicy intel from their source, it turns out that Cilenti’s influence extends to half the men in the city. With hundreds of honey-trap shots allowing him to blackmail whomever he chooses, and by extension the police are horribly compromised. Who can they trust to give them the correct information? Well, judging by the conclusion to this episode, no one, as a seemingly vital exclusive about the chancellor’s resignation just turns out to be a way for McCain to get out of his own bind.

Elsewhere, the show still has time to address matters of the heart, and Bel and Freddie’s tangled love affair has been taken out and placed at the forefront once again. With Camille heading for the hills for an unspecified amount of time, they should be free to explore their as-yet unexplored relationship, but Bel now has the lovely Bill to keep her warm at night. This love square might turn into a triangle, but they’re still no closer to forming a real-life, emotionally stable relationship with each other. It might just be that they work better as friends and co-workers, but the audience deserve a little pay-off before the end of the series.

The heart of the show now belongs to Lix and Randall, anyway, as they finally discover who their illegitimate daughter has grown up to be. The scenes between Peter Capaldi and Anna Chancellor crackle with emotion, and, though the storyline may have begun a little contrived, their moments are the highlight of the episode. How will this connect to the overall story of series two? There’s speculation that their child might turn out to be one of the dancers, but the news that she’s studying music at the Conservatoire kind of rules that eventuality out. It can’t just be left hanging there, so I’m expecting more information to come to light.

There are a lot of dastardly men to keep track of in this series of The Hour, and I have to say I’m having a bit of trouble. Cilenti seems to have his hands around everyone’s throat, and it’s a little hard to believe that simple photos would do so much damage to the men he controls. McCain’s secret is a different matter entirely, considering the decade in which he resides, but it really can’t be this simple, can it? It was also interesting to hear about Hector and Stern’s activities during the war, but I worry that their recounting of the horrible things they did is being used as an excuse for his actions in the present day.

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