Nashville Season 1 Review “Where He Leads Me” – Glory Be

Nashville (ABC) Episode 8 Where He Leads Me (7)
So, it looks like our little she-cat might just be falling in love with a Boy Scout. In the mid-season finale of Nashville, “Where He Leads Me,” Juliette got to meet her Tebow’s family…but although she fell in love with them instantly, Mama Tebow had very little interest in gaining a shoplifting, partying daughter-in-law with a mother in rehab, a fact she made more than clear when Juliette came to Sunday dinner.

Juliette’s response? Why, to propose marriage, of course! No one puts Juliette in a corner! We didn’t get to see if Tebow accepted or not, but given that we later saw a preview with Juliette in a wedding dress, it’s a fair guess that he decided it was time to get married and lose his virginity. Yeah, that’ll end well, I’m sure. Quickie marriages for religious purposes and in defiance of parental figures always do, right?

Meanwhile, Rayna was trying to deal with the mess Teddy and the photos and the whole political campaign created in her life. Although he went to Rayna and tried to explain about the pictures, the media still had a field day when they were leaked. Like Tammy before her, Rayna decided to stand by her man…at least for the sake of her children. But it was terribly hard for her, especially when she learned that he had embezzled several million dollars and that everyone knew but her. And then when his gal pal tried to commit suicide…it certainly didn’t seem like nothing had happened between them.

Rayna is the strongest character on the show, but this episode certainly tested her. She managed to come looking more awesome than ever. Her duet with Juliette shot to the top of the charts…but in exchange for this bit of good news, the label started to pressure her into headlining a tour with her rival. Obviously, she has to accept. It’s just good television. Like I’ve been saying from day one, that’s gonna be one hell of a tour.

Speaking of tours, Deacon decided to get out of Nashville for awhile by accepting an offer from some old music buddies to go on tour with them. Will he be leaving the show or will something stop him? Perhaps it will have to do with the drugs and alcohol the musicians claim they’ve given up. It’s always easier said than done.

Gunnar’s girlfriend offered Scarlett the opportunity to audition for a girl band, but it wasn’t entirely altruistic…she really just wanted to get her away from Gunnar. Of course, Gunnar wasn’t at all happy about that and broke up with the chick. He then felt free to kiss Scarlett, but she wasn’t quite there yet. She’s slower to heal; although it’s clear she feels something for Gunnar, her wounds from Avery are still fresh.

Avery, on the other hand, is finding out that fame comes with a price, namely the betrayal of his whole band. It’s such a music show cliche; one person makes it, but the producer always wants them to dump their band. Will Avery do it or not? It will certainly determine how we feel about him for the rest of the show? But honestly, without his connection to Scarlett…how does he fit into the big picture? Could his story be done?

All in all, it was a solid cliffhanger that will no doubt bring people back in January. I really enjoyed the first part of the season, far more than I thought I would, and I’ll be one of the ones looking forward to more country tunes next year!

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