Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Review “Dreams Deferred” – It’s a Hard-Knock Life

It always amazes me how a really good guest star can inject so much life into Law and Order: SVU. In “Dreams Deferred,” this week’s episode, it was Patricia Arquette playing a career prostitute named Jeannie who helped the team bring down one of her johns, a man who went on a 10+ body killing spree.

The only thing I didn’t like about the opening sequence in which we were introduced to Jeannie and the john and his unfortunate victims was the very loud song that was played over it. The song on its own was fine, but it completely distracted me from what was happening on the screen. I don’t usually nitpick production things like that, but this one irked me for some reason.

SVU got involved with the case because 20 years earlier, when she was a beat cop, Benson had tried to help Jeannie out when the very same john had knocked her around. She wasn’t able to get her off the streets back then, but by working with Jeannie to lure and capture the murdering john, Benson was determined to win this time.

It was almost as if there was one episode about the john and the murders, which was very bloody and shocking…and then the last fifteen or so minutes made up a completely different episode about reconciliation and forgiveness. By threatening Jeannie with jail time for possession and prostitution, and by calling in her estranged family as well as her priest to intervene, SVU managed to get her to agree to rehab in a very tearful scene that in no way reflected the very violent beginning of the story.

So, I suppose the titular deferred dreams were Jeannie’s, as she gave up any hopes and aspirations of her own to sell her body so that she could take care of her kids. Maybe it was supposed to refer to anyone who either chooses or is forced into the life.

What I do know is that Patricia Arquette was wonderful, maybe even deserving of an Emmy nod; I never guess those things right, though. Regardless, she got me invested in an SVU episode which, frankly, hasn’t happened much these season.

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