Last Resort Season 1 Review “Cinderella Liberty”

Last Resort Episode 9 Cinderella Liberty (2)

Last Resort returned tonight with yet another great episode, which just makes the imminent end of this show all the more saddening. “Cinderella Liberty” was directed by Lesli Linka Glatter, who’s directed other great shows like Homeland, an upcoming episode of The Walking Dead, as well as some of the best episodes of Mad Men, so I was excited to see what she would do with the fall’s best new drama!

So the boat that was first mentioned last week to be bringing all of the family and loved ones to Sainte Marina is on its way to the island, but wouldn’t ya know it, they go and get taken hostage by the Pakistani Navy! Nothing seems to ever go right for these poor people! At first I was a bit confused of why the Pakistanis would be concerned with some dumb boat with a bunch of civilians, but their plan to use them as a bargaining chip to force Chaplin to fire a nuke at their enemies was pretty smart. As soon as they started threatening that, though, my first thought was “Wait, couldn’t Marcus just point that nuke at anywhere he wanted?” Thankfully, Marcus was on the same wavelength as I was as he threatened to fire on their hometown to get them to stand down.

The only way that Chaplin was able to make these threats was if he was somehow able to find his second launch key, and it looks like Cortez had a stroke of conscience and she anonymously returned it to Grace. I’ve really enjoyed seeing Cortez play out as a mole. Usually when a mole is outed on a TV show they start acting all different and mole-y, but Cortez has been playing everything very cool. I was glad that Sam actually realized that she was gone today, although it still doesn’t explain how he didn’t notice her taking day trips to the comm station from last week’s episode.

I was interested to see how the love triangle would play out with Paul and Christine both going to visit Sam (Or maybe a love square if you add Sophie), but apparently that wasn’t meant to be. Not only was Paul killed, but then Christine was taken so that Sam still hasn’t been able to reunite with his wife! It looks like Sam is going to the mainland next week to find Christine, so I’ll be interested to see what they have to talk about now that Sam undoubtedly has some questions about her fidelity.

The rest of the storylines for me are a mixed bag. I still have a hard time caring at all about Kylie’s storyline, and it always pales in comparison to anything going on back at Sainte Marine. Maybe we should be seeing less scenes with Ms. Know-it-all, and maybe some more scenes showing us just what the heck the Cob is up to, or maybe where Anders ran off to after last weeks trial!

With only four episodes left, I feel like this show is maybe spreading itself a little thin. You’ve got the Seals trying to cover up some sort of nuclear weapons conspiracy, Christine being taken from Sam, Cortez still a mole, and Kylie off doing her own thing. I’m hoping that most or all of these storylines can be wrapped up pretty quickly, as we have only three hours to go (excluding commercials) until we’re done with Last Resort for good.

Random Thoughts:

– Seriously, what’s going on with Robert Patrick’s character?! Did he have to leave the set for a while or something?

– I was surprised to see Kylie’s brother show up in this episode played by Sam Page from Mad Men. I guess her and director Lesli Linka Glatter had a nice little reunion after she directed him in the season 3 episode “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency”.

– Does Jay Karnes get the same paycheck as everybody else when he’s literally phoning in his role every week?