The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Two To One”

We only briefly met Dr. Shulman on The Mindy Project, but “Two To One” hit the ground running with the announcement of his sudden and unexpected retirement. Immediately, Danny and Jeremy teamed up to make Mindy’s role in the practice obsolete and, as we all expected, their plan backfired tremendously. In the end, it was up to Mindy to step in and save the day.

For reasons that were never really explored, Danny and Jeremy both felt it necessary to exclude Mindy from all aspects of the business and I suppose for the sake of the story, Mindy initially didn’t put up much of a fight. Despite his advanced medical degrees, Jeremy was a big dumb bimbo when it came to running a business, and the worst aspects of Danny’s personality sabotaged any chance they had at success.

Mindy might have been upset, but she wasn’t upset enough about Jeremy and Danny’s terrible business sense to reschedule her “best friend day.” Earlier in the season, Mindy had made it seem like having a significant stake in the practice after Dr. Shulman retired was an important goal for her, so it was frustrating to see her spend the day doing “girl” things while the practice was falling apart. Even if she had thought it was just Danny and Jeremy’s patients who were leaving, it would have been bad news for the practice in general, so I had a hard time understanding how she could just ignore all the crazy news that was coming to her from the office.

Mindy’s BFF time did introduce us to another one of Mindy’s gal pals, Alex, who I found to be enjoyable as the tough, foul mouthed friend with no social filter. She’s the type that makes Mindy seem quiet and reserved, and I’m looking forward to Alex stepping in as Mindy’s full time best friend as the series progresses.

The bickering between the midwives and the doctors made for some of my favorite material in this episode. At times it was like watching a live action production of an internet flame war between the supporters of Western medicine and the supporters of holistic medicine. In one corner, you had Danny, who was made to seem like a heartless, unsympathetic monster with no bedside manner who saw nothing wrong with calling his patients idiots. In the other corner stood the DeLorian brothers, who were made to seem like enlightened, worldly freethinkers with just a little too much air on the brain. Mindy, being our heroine (and a practicing OBGYN), was the only one portrayed as a balanced voice of reason when she gave her patients a a short list of reasons for most of them to return to her office.

We got a little bit of Josh and Mindy time at the very end of the episode. The scene felt like it was tacked on just to make sure Josh was included, but even if it didn’t have much of an impact on anything else that had happened in the episode, Josh is always a welcome addition.

Even if the direction of this story line was obvious from the very start, I enjoyed this installment of The Mindy Project in the same way I might enjoy a simple sitcom. That said, I still believe that The Mindy Project can offer more to TV audiences than a simple sitcom can, it just hasn’t quite made it there yet.