Suburgatory Season 2 Review “Krampus”

Suburgatory Season 2 Episode 7 Krampus (3)

As the scripted fare begin to trot out this season’s Christmas episodes, a lot of similar themes will emerge. There will be plenty of classic sitcom tropes, Christmas miracles, and understanding of the season’s meaning. While those things figure prominently, the one thing that will stand out consistently is the idea of family. In Christmas episodes, we reconcile with our family, humorously fight with our family, and make additions to our family. Television shows (particularly sitcoms) choose to tackle these tropes through a variety of heartwarming and comedic elements. As a result, it’s not often that a television show airs an episode with a fascinating take on these seemingly constant Christmas time tropes. But that’s exactly what Suburgatory did tonight. Instead of just picking the low hanging fruit (no one would have blamed them), they shot a little higher than that: Suburgatory showed us the true meaning of family.

Family goes far beyond genetics. The people that make up our families should be those people that mean the most to us. They are the ones who are always there when we need them. They are the people that love us at our best and worst. For some people, their blood family also serves as their true family. However, some people go through life without strong ties to their blood family. As a result, when holiday times come around, they can become confused because they know that the holidays are a time for family. Ryan Shay doesn’t think he belongs in the Shay house because he was adopted. Some Tessa wisdom (and a prolonged smooch! With tongue!) show him that while he may not share their genetics, the Shays are his family. They celebrate his every success, care for him, and support his various endeavors. No matter how ridiculous they may seem, their is no doubt that they love Ryan in a way that the biological part of his family could not.

While family can be people who have been with us through our formative years, sometimes our family can come to us later in life. For Dallas and Dalia Royce, Carmen became family. She became such a large part of their lives, that the ladies have been missing her all season. Though the Royce’s may need her around just as much as they want her around, there is no doubt that Dalia and Dallas think of Carmen as their family. Sometimes you may need to go way over budget on a music video to get your family back together, but if you really care for them, you’ll go the extra mile.

We don’t always have to be blood-related to be considered family, but a lot of the time our search for family can end at the blood relatives who have always been there for us. Getting to know her mother is a priority of Tessa’s this season, but even the cynical teenager can appreciate that the holidays are a time for family. Therefore, she knows who she needs to be with. While her mother went off jet-setting, George cared for her and nurtured her into the young woman that she is now. Even George’s act of sending her to Manhattan with her mother shows Tessa just how much he loves her. Just like always, George is the person for Tessa that is willing to make sacrifices to see her happy. He just couldn’t predict that what she would need for than anything is to see her dad. George has always been Tessa’s family. It wouldn’t have mattered if he was her biological dad or not. On special days like the holidays, Suburgatory wanted us to make sure that we surround ourselves with those that love us the most.

My we all follow in Tessa’s example this holiday season.