Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale Review “J’ai Obtenu Cette” — Getting Out Isn’t Easy

This week’s ‘J’ai Obtenu Cette’* saw the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy come to a close that wasn’t so much explosive as implosive. For all the chases and gunfights, SOA is arguably at its best when the major conflict is in the slightly more subtle power plays. And these folks definitely played with power.

Jax showed his leadership mettle this week when it was revealed that he never intended to let Pope kill Tig, something that we’ve been waiting for him to do all season. Instead he devised a plan to kill Pope — thereby installing August Marks, Pope’s second-in-command, in his place — and then frame Clay for the murder. The result is that Jax no longer has Pope’s need for vengeance against Tig/the club hanging over him and Marks wants Clay dead. Two birds, one stone.

This will have definite repercussions within the club next season, whether or not Clay dies. As the episode ended, we saw Bobby cutting off his vice-president’s patch. While Bobby’s still a member of SAMCRO, the club has gotten smaller since the start of season 5, and Jax needs as many people as possible on his side. Will he attempt to make nice with Bobby next season? Either way, Jax will need a new VP. The most obvious choice is Chibs, which should be good since he’s a voice of reason that Jax actually listens to.

One voice he may not want to trust is his mother’s. Gemma was in glorious queen bitch mode this week. Not only did she lie to the cops about seeing Clay leave the house with his gun, but she may have made good on her threat and put in the call that got Tara carted off to jail for conspiracy to commit murder. Well, Gemma did warn Tara what would happen if she tried to take her grandsons away. (The other option is that it was Toric reacting to Otto biting his own tongue off so that he wouldn’t have to speak to Toric.)

It puts the family in quite a predicament. Even if Tara does somehow get out of the charges, her life will never be the same again. We can assume the job offer in Oregon would go away, and with it her chances to escape life in the club. If she doesn’t get out of jail — or until she does — Jax will need to make provision for what will happen to the boys if anything happens to him. The choices are signing the paperwork Tara left behind and potentially trusting Wendy with the kids, or letting Gemma back into their lives fully. But will Jax want to do this after Tara tells him about how Gemma threatened to have her locked up?

Overall, a fantastic episode and a satisfying conclusion to the fifth season. I may not have liked certain parts of the fifth season, but it cannot be denied that Kurt Sutter and the writers behind SOA know how to tell an entertaining story. The storylines left over to be continued in season six are compelling and I can’t wait to see how they progress. How about you, dear reader?

* ‘J’ai Obtenu Cette’ translates from French as ‘I Got This’.

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