Some Girls Series 1 Episode 5 Review

There’s an anti-bullying campaign going on at the girls’ school in this week’s Some Girls, and Viva and her friends are about as competent at helping exiled mean girl Ruby as they are at everything else.

Unlike past episodes the action takes place entirely within the school, and we get our first real peek at the different cliques and groups contained within the building. There are the pretties (or boob Nazis as the girls have dubbed them), the misfits and the sweaties (the girls football team) and, in true Inbetweeners-style, we find we’re following the group with the least external identity. When a member of the boob Nazi clique is exiled and forced to befriend Viva, worlds collide.

The episode treats bullying in the same irreverent style as it does everything else, and before long it turns out that our four main characters might be just as bad as the girls they fear and despise. With CCTV all over the school and its surrounding area, Holli can’t even assault younger classmates on the sly. The scenes in the headmaster’s office are hilarious and brilliantly nasty, with people’s main bugbear with the series – characters with no ambition; the negative portrayal of working-class teenagers – showing no signs of going away.

What passes for a love story between Amber and Brandon is still a big part of the show, as we find out that he may not have fathered a child after all. The real story comes out in the end as the girls’ new friendship with an outsider brings with it some unexpected rewards, but I doubt it’ll be happy ever after if Brandon’s mother has anything to say about it. She’s right about her son taking responsibility of course, but I can’t help but feel uncomfortable with the predictable plots Some Girls is churning out week after week.

What did you think of the episode? Will Some Girls pull it out of the bag for its final episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.