Private Practice Season 6 Review “Life Support”

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 8 Life Support (6)
It was Cooper’s turn this week to serve as the focus of Private Practice and he did not disappoint.

In the episode, Cooper shared his private thoughts with the camera as though he were talking to a good friend. We got a peek into his thoughts from the moment he and Charlotte learned they were expecting through the present, where we found out that Charlotte was 26 weeks along.

It was pretty funny to watch the couple referring to the triplets as various pieces of fruit used to demonstrate the size of the mini-Coops – lemons and plums.

As the episode reflected on the past we saw classic Charlotte humor as she referred to the mini-Coops as “America’s Most Wanted” and referred to herself as a double-wide with feet.

Everything wasn’t laughs and jokes on couples at Lamaze class, as Addison suggested they consider having two babies instead of one to avoid the risks associated with multiple births. We saw the couple as they learned that they were having girls (poor Coop and Mason) and as they discussed religious upbringings. I love that Charlotte allowed Amelia to throw a shower for her.

I was prepared for the couple to have some pregnancy-related issues because this is after all, a Shonda Rhimes show. Despite knowing the inevitable, it was still crushing to see Charlotte’s water break at 26-weeks and I held my breath as we learned that the first mini-Coop did not have a fully developed chest and needed emergency heart surgery.

Although she wouldn’t speak of her pregnancy initially, I had no doubt that Charlotte would get used to the idea of being pregnant and love the mini-Coops much more than she would probably let on. That belief was confirmed as I watched Charlotte’s relief upon learning that her daughter made it through surgery.

Shonda Rhimes – this better be the last mini-Coop drama for the season. Don’t you dare bring tragedy to that precious cargo in Charlotte’s tummy! As Coop exclaimed, “girls are awesome!”

This was by far my favorite of the character-centered episodes so far, most likely because I love Charlotte and Cooper together. I’m really excited to see Charlotte’s episode, provided that it will not entail any triplet tragedy. I’m warning you for the last time, Rhimes!

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