Parenthood Season 4 Review “Trouble in Candyland”

Oh, Mark. It was really only a matter of time before your relationship fell apart.

And now, for the weekly rundown of the Braverman family from this week’s episode of Parenthood.

How dare you inconvenience a troubador?
The crazy lady chronicles continued this week at the Luncheonette. This time, Glen Hansard found himself in the woman’s wrath, as she had his car towed for being in “her spot.”

Crosby finally broke down and told Adam about their new neighbor as well as the upcoming hearing. As expected, Adam arranged a meeting with crazy lady in an attempt to be reasonable and make a final appeal to her non-existent logical side in the hopes of finding a compromise. Also as expected, she persisted in her crass ways and even mocked Adam’s family issues.

Thankfully, Crosby found a way to prevail with the help of other neighbors who were much less crazy and much less offended by The Luncheonette’s presence in the neighborhood. Alas, the business lives to see another day! Way to go, Crosby!

Alcohol and Co-Workers Are Never a Good Idea
As soon as it became apparent that we would watch Sarah’s road trip with Hank play out onscreen, I knew things would not end well for the other man in Sarah’s life – Mark.

A drunken Hank and Sarah stumble into their hotel after their sham event to find Mark waiting. Needless to say, he was not pleased at the sight of his fiance being drunk, silly and cutesy with the boss who seems to demand more and more of her time.

Mark seemed prepared to try to patch things up and move on until Hank decided to exacerbate the situation by revealing that there was no work event, he just needed Sarah’s help with his daughter.

I like Mark (and love Jason Ritter) but I was so happy that he finally pulled the plug on a relationship that should have ended last season. I suspect we haven’t seen the last of Mark. Blech.

Amber and Ryan
As for couples that I’m actually rooting for, Amber talked Joel into giving Ryan a job. Although she was well-intentioned, it did not go well as Ryan wasn’t that great at it and had no tolerance for his co-worker’s jabs.

When we last saw Ryan, he was washing down several pills with some soda. I still think these two are in it for the long haul but it will indeed be a very long, bumpy ride.

I enjoyed getting a bit of a casting switch up with Amber sharing a scene with Joel. Likewise, I LOVED the scene in which a stoned Kristina gave very practical parenting advice to Julia. The scene was a much needed moment of levity to balance out Julia’s struggles with Victor.

Overall, this week’s episode was okay. The end of Mark and Sarah as well as the end of the drama with the crazy neighbor at the Luncheonette were definitely the highlights for me. Based on the preview for next week, it looks like it may be time to restock the Kleenex supply.

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