Is Two and A Half Men cursed?

Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 6 Ferrets, Attack! (1)

While some folks may argue that sitcoms are a dying breed, I tend to respectfully disagree with the statement. After all, the ones that we have on television now — The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, Last Man Standing — all seem to be going rather strong, don’t they? However, none of them have generated as much buzz as Two and a Half Men. Maybe that’s a good thing. With all of the negative nonsense that went on with Charlie Sheen getting fired last year, it’s no wonder the sitcom has garnered so much attention. Conversely, with Angus T. Jones’ religious rant last week about the show being unholy, I’m wondering just how long it’ll be before the plug is pulled for good.

One can never tell. Still, something must be said about this new recent outburst. Just what the heck is wrong with this show? Is it cursed? Ask Sheen and he’ll tell you that it is. Last week, he was quoted as saying it was. However, viewers don’t seem to think so. On the contrary, they appear to be tuning in on the regular with over 10 million views a week. That’s pretty good for a show in its tenth season. So, what’s the problem? Why is all of this off screen tomfoolery going on? Is the show, as Jones so colorfully put it, “filth?” Well, um…that’s a damn good question.

I suppose the answer to that query depends on your definition of mindless entertainment. The sitcom is known for its potty humor, frequent sex jokes, and countless references to the male reproductive organ. A very dear friend of mine — a savvy feminist who shall remain nameless for all intents and purposes — hates the show with a passion. She thinks it’s horrible and often wonders why it’s on CBS let alone network television. I’ll admit that I’m not an avid watcher of Two and a Half Men. Heck, I’ve got better things to do like paying my bills and watching paint dry. However, the episodes that I’ve seen — and I have seen more than a handful — have been entertaining. I do laugh.

Don’t get it twisted though — it damn sure ain’t appointment TV, but Two and a Half Men does offer up a few chuckles. Isn’t that the point? While I prefer Sheen on the sitcom, Ashton Kutcher has been a good fit. In fact, so much of the show revolves around him and Jon Cryer’s characters that I actually kind of forgot that Jones was even a part of the core cast … well, kind of. Since he feels so strongly about the program, I wonder if he’ll be written off like Sheen was. Heck, he’s seen so seldom that perhaps they could just write him out and replace him with someone new. How’s that sound?

I don’t know. I don’t write TV.

However, I do know that the show can’t keep going if they keep replacing characters. This ain’t Grey’s Anatomy. This is a sitcom with a dynamic that thrives on the chemistry of its characters. All of these changes aren’t healthy. While Jones did offer an apology — once he realized how much he was getting paid, I’m sure — the writing is on the wall, folks. This sitcom has got problems. Maybe it really is filth.

And if it is then why the hell are we watching it?

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