Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 5 Review “P & P Romance Factory”

Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 5 P & P Romance Factory (6)

This week’s Happy Endings, ‘P & P Romance Factory’ gives us our first look at Penny’s new boyfriend, lays on the Damon Wayans Jr funny stuff, and fills the rest of the time up with a strangely unfunny Dave/Max/Alex plot-line with handshake trickery.

Aw, dear Penny, will you ever catch a break? Not only did her little tumble down the stairs inflict her with a full-body cast a couple of weeks ago, but now she has to don a fetching helmet to compensate for all the times she bangs her head in a day (flashback montage included, of course). This wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t just met a really great guy (Nick Zano), and is forced to only go on helmet dates. Cue bike rides, quad bike safety courses and weird kitchen towel make-out sessions.

Pete will apparently be sticking around for a bunch of episodes, and will be one of the few outsiders to permeate the central group. I’m interested to see Penny with an actual romance to deal with, and it will provide a temporary distraction to the Dave/Penny/Alex triangle that’s been threatening to explode for a while. I guess that’ll be left until the final stretch of the season, and for now we’re meant to accept Dave and Alex as a proper, permanent couple.

But I wish they’d give them something more entertaining to do. This week we barely saw them interact, with Max more involved in Dave’s storyline than his live-in girlfriend. It seemed like the writers just couldn’t think of much for the three of them to do this week, and cooked up a weird, handshake storyline that was momentarily funny but never hilarious. It’s a shame since we’ve been enjoying Max and Brad’s double-act all season, but I guess the couple we fell in love with were Brad and Jane, and they need their time together too.

And their stuff was the highlight of the episode, with Jane trying to get in with the guys at her work by taking on their ‘spousal abuse’ attitude. After throwing a party so Brad can integrate her into the group, they end up swapping roles with Jane becoming a guy’s guy and Brad turning into the world’s best trophy wife. Everything Damon Wayans Jr does is great, but this was a really great episode for him. It’s a tragedy that he isn’t recognized more for his performance, as he can take even a lacklustre episode and makes it memorable.

What did you think of the episode? Do we like Penny and Pete’s romance factory? Let us know in the comments.