Get In The Christmas Spirit With Tonight’s Episode of ‘The Middle’ And ‘Suburgatory’

the middle suburgatory christmas 2012 episode

As Christmas nears, it’s time for TV to put us in a Christmasy mood and tonight’s new episodes of The Middle and Suburgatory on ABC at 8pm and 9pm respectively are bound to put you in a cheer you up or at least put a smile on your face.

With Christmas being my favorite time of the year, those episodes were just what I needed to get me in the Christmas spirit. So let’s talk about what’s in store for you tonight.


The Middle

ABC starts off the night with The Middle‘s episode “Christmas Help.” The Heck family is pretty much broke and trying to find a way to get presents for the kids, because there is no Christmas without presents, right?

Frankie finds a last minute job which doesn’t turn out exactly as she had hoped for, of course. As for Mike, well he gets involved in some of his brother’s shenanigans.

But more importantly, what are the kids up to?

Sweet Sue is assigned to make some cookies, which she takes very seriously. I always just want to give her a big hug. She does have some hilarious scenes though. I love her.

Axl finds a new place to live… sort of.

And Brick gets cast as a wise man in a Christmas play because according to the Pastor he’s “the wisest man I know.” I’ll let you find out how it all ends, but let’s just say that Brick ends up being very Brick.

And my favorite quote of the night has to be Frankie’s reaction to finding out Brick was cast in the play:

“All those actors in Hollywood are weird right? Brick’s weird.”



For fans of Suburgatory, tonight’s episode “Krampus” is not only a great Christmas episode with lots of sweet moments, it’s also a great one in terms of story developments.

As the episode starts, Tessa lets us know that right after Thanksgiving the suburbs turn their attention right to Christmas. And in the spirit of Christmas, George surprises her with a trip to Manhattan to spend the holidays with her mom. Tessa is of course very excited, but I don’t think she could have anticipated all the things that would happen during her time away and her return.

In order not to give too much away, I’ll just share a list of key words from the episode’s happenings:

Ryan shirtless (see picture below)

Music Video

K Pop

A Hug

Malik, Ryan and the car trunk

Eugene Goldfarb

“I’m back bitches.”

All of this in one Suburgatory episode goodness.

So if Christmas seems like too far away, don’t forget to tune in to ABC tonight starting at 8pm for an early Christmas celebration. Oh and here’s that picture of Ryan shirtless I mentioned above.

Suburgatory "Krampus" PARKER YOUNG

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